Sock Bun How to Video: Put a Spin on Your Bun with the Donut Updo

It is typical when styling your hair in an updo to resort to the classic ballerina bun, but luckily for us Kandee Johnson has a tutorial on how to put a spin on the classic bun.

First use a curling or flat iron and volumize the roots of your hair, curl random sections of the hair around the face and areas that will look nice pinned up to the sides and tucked into your messy bun.

Once you are done giving your hair volume, you want to use a volumizing and texturizing powder. Rub it directly into your roots and it will give it instant volume.

Leave the area that you volumized out and pull the rest of your hair into a high ponytail. From there take a hair donut which can be purchased at Claire's and slip your ponytail through it.

You should then spread the hair around the donut and tuck it under and into the bun. You can use bobby pin to secure the hair at the base of the hair donut.

As for the loose area of hair tease it to give it a little more volume, then twist and roll the hair and pin it towards the base. You can use hairspray so the hair can remain in place.

From there you can move the hair around and mold it to your ideal look, you want to make sure the look remains messy and effortless.

Check out the tutorial on on how to put a spin on the classic bun below.

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