beauty secrets

Six Ways You Might Be Accidentally Ruining Your Skin
10 Beauty Tips and Tricks Experts and Models Swear By
Here are 10 beauty tips and tricks from models and experts to help you improve your skincare and makeup habits.
Jennifer Aniston
The Secret to Jennifer Aniston's Ageless Beauty, Revealed!
Jennifer Aniston has been taking our souls since 1994. The actress has been asked countless times over the years about her beauty secrets, and there's no wonder why.
Everyday Foods That Benefit Our Body Including Hair, Teeth and Nails
Eating fruits and vegetables doesn't only keep one's body fit and healthy but also does wonders to the skin, hair, teeth and yes, nails.
Emma Watson Reveals Pubic Hair-Care Routine
Emma Watson shared a surprising hair routine that includes pubic hair oiling. Should people start to do it too?
Secrets of Connie Britton’s Ageless Beauty: Nourish The Inner Side
The secrets of Connie Britton’s beautiful hair and complexion is in the inner side
Foundation That Adds 10 Years, Common Mistakes in Application
Foundation might be making the complexion appear older if not used correctly
Several Weird Things That Happen After You Stop Washing Your Hair
Several weird things that happen after stop washing hair and what can be done
Detoxifying The Skin Like A Pro Is So Easy
Detoxify skin from inside and outside is a smart way to rejuvenate skin and maintain its beauty
Celebrity Beauty Secrets: Khloe Kardashian
The Kardashians are always in the spotlight for setting trends, making headlines, and marketing their family brand. But what most people don't realize, is they're just like us! Take Khloe for example. This Kardashian is a beauty junkie after our own heart. Stalking her Instagram reveals that this...
Celebrity Beauty Secrets: Rihanna Talks About Her Makeup Favorites & Her Secrets To Flawless Skin
We have another great beauty secret straiht from RiRi herself! Have you ever envied Rihanna's flawless, glowing complexion and wondered what skincare products she's using? Good news: mystery solved!
Celebrity Beauty Secrets: Hayley Hasselhoff Part 2
We recently caught up with budding starlet Hayley Hasselhoff to get the scop on her tried and true beauty beliefs. A busy gal, Hayley began modeling at the age of fourteen and has since been the face of a number of notable fashion brands. She soon landed regular roles on ABC and DISNEY network sh...
Celebrity Beauty Secrets: Hayley Hasselhoff
With her classic beauty intertwined with incredible talent and a keen sense of style, Hayley Haselhoff is a fashionista conquering runways around the world for some of today's elite designers. The rising star is promoting positive body image and consciousness to the world under the umbrella of he...
Celebrity Beauty Secrets: Olympic Snowboarder Jamie Anderson
Standing at 5'3, the 115-pound powerhouse that is Jamie Anderson is a snowboarding sensation. At only 23, the X Games athlete is already an impressive six-time Winter X medalist. And amidst creating super hard tricks and staying fly in her Billabong clothing line, Jamie also makes time for hair and ...
Celebrity Beauty Secrets: Miss Universe 2013
The Miss Universe Pageant is tonight! This year's competition is being held on Crocus City, Moscow in Russia, now the temporary home to the most beautiful women in the world as they rev up their glam engines. Check out the gorgeous beauties from around the globe, all competing for the coveted crown ...
Celebrity Beauty Secrets: 'Blurred Lines' Video Vixen, Elle Evans
Robin Thicke's, Blurred Lines, video was the chart-topping song of the summer and is still making waves thanks to the unforgettable performance of the catchy tune at the latest MTV Video Music Awards. If you're loving the music video, then you probably recognize the gorgeous leggy blonde between Thi...
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