The Secret to Jennifer Aniston's Ageless Beauty, Revealed!

Jennifer Aniston
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Jennifer Aniston has been taking our souls since 1994. The actress has been asked countless times over the years about her beauty secrets, and there's no wonder why.

Apart from being labeled by People magazine as the World's Most Beautiful Woman in 2016, Jennifer consistently glows with her flawless skin. Now, everyone is trying to figure out how to have that Jennifer Aniston glow!

Many fans have been obsessing over her beauty secret for many reasons. That's why her beauty move has been documented, scrutinized, and copied by her multitudes of supporters -- all in an attempt to recreate just a portion of that effortless Cali vibe that has become her trademark.

Now, after a 15-year break, she's back in the spotlight again, thanks to her role in the episodic television, The Morning Show.

Before she took Hollywood by storm again. though, Aniston shared a few secret skincare magic routines that have kept her glowing and looking young over the years despite 25 years of early call times.

Aveeno Beauty Products

Jennifer has been the face of the skincare brand Aveeno for the last seven years. She's been using it ever since she was a teen.

According to the Friends star, it has allowed her to discover more about how ingredients contact with the skin's microbiome. "I'm obsessed with the science bit," Jennifer said.

"I find it very interesting, and working with beauty brands like Aveeno helped me to learn that there are so many chemicals in products that really aren't good for the skin."

No to Extreme Treatments

She has also learned the hard way to refrain from extreme treatments, citing a laser treatment about 10 years ago that "bloodied" her face for at least a month.

Aniston pointed out that treatments can be aggressive and emphasized that short-term, quick-fix solutions could lead to long-term terms problems.

You will learn through trial and error, or you can learn from Jennifer's mistakes!

At-Home High Tech Beauty Gadgets

The actress is now an enthusiast of at-home gadgets for wellness and beauty. She owns an infrared sauna built in her house, which she uses as her post-workout spot.

Jennifer is also a fan of the beauty wand by makeup artist Jillian Dempsey. It is a 24-carat, gold plated, vibrating t-bar that lifts, sculpts, and depuffs. Moreover, she's a devotee of facialist Melanie Simon's ZIIP nano current device -- a little macine which has generated astounding results for her.

When it comes to her must-have beauty product, Aniston kept it simple and practical: sunscreen. After all, she wants to sit still under the sun and get that Vitamin D she needs.

If she's not out, she's probably using body bronzers and spray tans.

Jennifer Aniston remains the perfect role model for all women of all ages, and it certainly helps to see her share some of her skin care and beauty secrets. Of course, it takes time to achive that youthful look that Jenifer has, but at least her fans will get a step closer to that!

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