Celebrity Beauty Secrets: Hayley Hasselhoff

With her classic beauty intertwined with incredible talent and a keen sense of style, Hayley Haselhoff is a fashionista conquering runways around the world for some of today's elite designers.

The rising star is promoting positive body image and consciousness to the world under the umbrella of her family name, and we caught up with her to talk all things beauty and fashion!

So Hayley, as a model, what are the top 3 beauty essentials every cat walker needs?

Every shoot and show I make sure to bring a set bag with me. I like to be prepared with my favorite beauty essentials even if the makeup artist already carries them. Just three of the things I always have in my bag are hydrating mist for the face, travel moisturizer for body & lips, and eye drops as sometimes the lights on the catwalk are very bright.

What are your favorite makeup products and why?

Senna Cosmetics are my favorite makeup brand for foundation & mineral powder. I've been using the brand for years as they have the perfect match for my fair skin. As for my favorite general makeup product, I love quality mascara, as I like to keep my face fresh from day to night. I like to have a good lash line and then dress it up with a lip for the evening.

Your personal beauty icon would be?

This is hard to say because there are so many iconic beauties in the world that I admired for a specific look or shoot. I would have to say that I've always been intrigued by Bridget Bardot's staple beauty look. 

As a model, how do you balance the demands of the industry on how you should look, with having a positive body image?

For me, I'm not just a model. I'm also an actress and I'd like to call myself an artist in general. So I think I haven't had the full effect of just being a model like some do. I also have never been put through a casting where I've been put down like some of the stories you hear from other models. So for that I am thankful. But I believe in any part of the industry it is important to stay true to yourself and to mainly focus on being healthy.

What are the requirements for taking a great photo?

I don't suppose there are requirements for taking a good photo. On a shoot I believe it's all about the creative collaboration with the photographer, stylist, hair, makeup, and brand representation to work together and make the vision come to life. With this I believe you can achieve a great photo. 

Look out for Part 2 of our interview with Hayley tomorrow where she offers up her favorite beauty secret and her biggest beauty blunder!

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