Robin Thicke's, Blurred Lines, video was the chart-topping song of the summer and is still making waves thanks to the unforgettable performance of the catchy tune at the latest MTV Video Music Awards. If you're loving the music video, then you probably recognize the gorgeous leggy blonde between Thicke, rapper T.I., and Billionaire Boys Club, Pharrell. Model Elle Evans is the name of this video vixen, and we were lucky enough to interview this very busy gal. Check out what hair and makeup tips the beauty swears by and click through the slideshow to see some of her many other stunning images.

So Elle tell us, as a video vixen, what hair and makeup products do you rely on the most?

The hair and makeup products I rely on most are the most simple products: lipgloss and mascara. A little of both can go a long way. They are the bare necessities for castings and auditions.

Nice choices. What hair and makeup tips work best for when you're on camera shooting? We need them for our social media selfies!

My best hair tip for on-camera is to wear your hair in a style that does not fall in your face. There is nothing worse than having to brush hair out of your eyes all day long or having your hair smear your red lipstick all over your face. And when it comes to on camera makeup, just make sure everything is symmetrical.

Great tips! What colors for lips and eyes are your favorite and why?

My favorite color to wear on my eyes is a soft, smoky mix of purples and browns because it really brings out my hazel eyes, and sometimes even makes them look yellow under certain light. My favorite color to wear on my lips is red because it's so classic and I feel like an old Hollywood starlet! I also really like wearing red on my lips because it makes the beauty marks by my mouth stand out.

Truly the most classic color! So what's your favorite hair and makeup look to rock?

I'm really a big fan of au natural right now! I like to do my makeup so it looks like I'm not wearing any, and just let my hair dry naturally.

So on trend. What piece of beauty advice have you been given that you always abide by?

Less is more!

Any hair and makeup horror stories you're willing to share? What did you learn from the experience?

Ohhhh my gosh, umm yea, a long time ago when I first started working with my agency in New York, I had a test shoot out in Brooklyn. The makeup artist came to set with a cold, coughing all over everyone and I swear to y'all this lady had some type of fungus growing out of two of her fingernails. I had to politely tell the photographer to tell her that we would no longer be needing her services for the day. Thank God I'm good at doing my own makeup and I always come prepared. I learned to not rely on anyone else but myself and the photographer to make sure the photos come out perfect.

Great advice. So how does it feel to be the face of a major music video that has received so much attention?

It feels really, really good. When I first got the call about the video I was really just excited about getting to work with the guys (Robin Thicke, T.I., and Pharrell) but I had no idea the level of success the video would reach! It turned out to be a pop culture phenomenon of sorts and that feels really awesome to have been a part of, but I'm not stopping there!

What's music video can we expect to see you in next?

I actually have an audition for a music video tomorrow morning!

Good luck Elle! Check out Elle in Robin Thicke's hit music video, Blurred Lines, below and let us know what you think of the gorgeous blonde's beauty tips with a note!