The Miss Universe Pageant is tonight! This year's competition is being held on Crocus City, Moscow in Russia, now the temporary home to the most beautiful women in the world as they rev up their glam engines. Check out the gorgeous beauties from around the globe, all competing for the coveted crown at 9pm on NBC.

With appearances, endorsements, couture gowns, and the highly anticipated swimsuit competition, these ladies have to know a thing or two about beauty.

We scooped a few of their tips for great skin and a lean body just before the battle for the top spot gets under way. Check out what a few of the contestants offered up for advice and click through the slideshow for a few shots of these stunning ladies.

One popular tip was drinking good old-fashioned H2O. "My secret beauty trick is to always be hydrated," said Ariella Arida, Miss Philippines, to E! News. Erin Brady, the current Miss USA agrees. "As far as a beauty secret, I would say the consumption of water really really helps. It flushes out the toxins and really makes you glow and radiate."

Miss USA also has a cool skin care trick. 'Every time I wake up with a blemish, is always use a little bit of toothpaste actually on the blemish so it will dry it out, so by the next morning."

As far as makeup goes for these busy women, the key is simplicity. "If you're in a really big hurry, you have to get tinted moisturizer,"  the reigning Miss Universe and girlfriend to singer Nick Jonas said in an interview. "You wash your face, put on your tinted moisturizer, and it will cover up any blemishes you have. I think it needs to be in every girls makeup bag at all times."

Another popular beauty staple? Exercise. No matter the nation, this was highlighted by contestants from all over the world. "I'm a nurse so I like to maintain a healthy diet and exercise," explained Monica Perez, Miss Puerto Rico. Miss Poland, Paulina Krupinska said, "I ride everyday 50 kilometers by my bike." Miss USA likes to stay fit too.

"I think the great thing is to actually use the hotel space so whether you're in your hallway, or your room or your bathroom, to be able to some sit ups, some ab workouts, maybe an arm workout, lunges."

But beyond the beauty and physical appearance, they key tip for these ladies is feeling good about yourself. "Generally I would say its mental, said Brady to Shape Magazine. "It's a mental game, so really being happy and confident in yourself and walking in there from day one not second guessing yourself because if you let that get to your head, it's all over."

"One secret that I have is a form of meditation," Culpo said. "Before getting on stage I just take 10 minutes to relax and it honestly makes such a difference."

Beauty brains, confidence - Miss Universe has to have it all! Who's your favorite so far? Let us know who you have as the front runner with a note below!