A recent study conducted by a writer for the Daily Mail concludes that good old-fashioned H2O is the key to young-looking skin. We all know water is good for the body, but just how good?  Read on to find out.

After suffering for years from headaches and poor indigestion, writer Sarah Smith visited her neurologist and nutritionist. Both physicians recommended the 42-year old begin to drink three liters of water a day to help her body improve its overall function. After reading a statistic that said 1 in 5 women don't drink the proper amount of water, Sarah then began to document her water intake for the next four weeks, experiencing dramatic changes and results.

The first week, Sarah noted the importance of drinking water. "Every system and function in our body depends on water," she said. "It flushes toxins from the vital organs, carries nutrients to cells, provides a moist environment for ear, nose and throat tissues, and eliminates waste."

But things got worse before they became better. Sarah already suffered from dry, dull skin and "shriveled lips," but the drinking of more water triggered acne. "Suddenly I seem to be breaking out in spots. Maybe it's all the toxins coming out of my skin," she noted.

By week two and three, Sarah began to notice an improvement in the look and feel of her skin. "My complexion is improving and my skin tone is more even," Sarah explained. "The blotches on my face are diminishing, and the shadows around my eyes are less pronounced."

 The changes didn't stop there. Smith said she enjoyed more energy, an enhanced ability to focus, and even more flexibility during her yoga routine. Her doctor told her water even helps to lubricate the joints as well. Dr, Emma Derbyshire, senior lecturer in nutritional physiology at Manchester Metropolitan University confirmed what Sarah was experiencing.

"Our brain is 73 per cent water, so poor hydration can affect how it functions. Dehydration can reduce our ability to concentrate as well as our cognitive performance," the doctor explained.

Thrilled with her results after only just one month, this Daily Mail journalist says she will keep drinking the recommended water intake to keep her glow going. "I feel fitter, leaner and healthier, and my husband and friends tell me I look ten years younger. Who in their right mind would not want to try something which gets such incredible results?"

Think water is the true fountain of youth? Ready to up your intake? Let us know how much water you drink a day with a note below. (And of course, consult your doctor before changing your diet)