Nashville huge fans and all of the people who adore the amazing hair of Connie Britton are perhaps feel saddened with the sudden death of Rayna James, a country diva character played by Britton. Many people are amazed with Britton's gorgeous and shiny locks; and healthy complexion.

US Magazine added that people asked about Britton secret almost every time she walked on a red carpet. Apparently, she was not hesitant to share her secret. As reported by People, her shocking secret is: feminism, including a "woman's right to vote," "a woman's right to her own body," and "the Violence Against Women Act. And on a video about it, Britton collaborated with "Nashville" Laura Benanti on co-star writing and directing, as part of The Representation Project's fall 2015 "AskHerMoreCampaign.

Does it mean Britton did not want to share her secret? Off course not. She just encouraged other people especially reporters to ask women more substantial questions than only asking about her hair.

Luckily, "this time" Britton really shared her beauty secrets: inner nourishing. According to Self, Britton liked to keep her morning routine as simple and peaceful as possible, including a healthy and delicious breakfast -- particularly oatmeal -- and taking a little time to "nourish" herself.

Nevertheless, Britton confessed a deep dislike for gym due to her history of asthma problem. Thus, she chose meditation, yoga and Pilates to nourish herself. Britton has been meditating for 20 years now, almost daily for 30 minutes or an hour. She found meditating and yoga were so effective for her health, stress levels, sanity, and general well-being. She also liked to workout outside in her days off. And after her workout, she refueled with a green juice.

One shocking thing, even though Britton was a huge fan of healthy life style, she confessed that she was inseparable from her all time favorite, cake. According to Britton, in her 50 years-old age, the best thing was about feeling and looking the best in a balance way. She stated that she did not like to starve herself and she also like to balance her spiritual need in a healthy and good way. And the result was, her ageless beauty.