Top 5 Budget Friendly Brown Eyeliners for Subtle Cat Eyes
Top 5 Budget Friendly Brown Eyeliners for Subtle Cat Eye
Trade your trusty jet black eyeliners to brown tones with these budget-friendly products that you can get from any drugstores.
Lana Condor
First Look at Lara Jean Inspired Hair Collection from Kitsch
Kitsch has collaborated with Netflix as they unveiled their commemorative accessory box that is definitely Lara Jean-approved!
Valdé Beauty
Are You Willing to Splurge on Valdé’s $200 Armor Lipstick?
Margarita Arriagada launched a lipstick brand collection called "Valdé Armors," which her mother inspired.
girl opening Christmas present
SHOP Sephora! 11 Christmas Gifts for Your Besties from Sephora
Get your hands on these holiday gift sets before they run out. Check out these gift ideas for beauty buffs.
Save The Date: Sephora's First Beauty Convention Sephoria Is Kicking Off This October
Sephora will be having its very own convention in October. The event will feature 50 brands, so fans better watch when tickets will go on sale.
Mother's Day
Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Guide: Top 7 Go-To Spa And Beauty Products She Will Love
Still debating between chocolates and flowers for Mother's Day? Skip both and treat Mom to some of these decadent creams, candles and perfume instead.
HUM Nutrition
Sephora Announces HUM Nutrition Beauty Supplements For Glowing Skin & Longer Nails
So while we're all still taking our pills to make us pretty, there is even more exciting news on the beauty supplement front. Sephora is set to take a major step in pioneering the "beauty from within" market by bringing HUM Nutrition, an innovative beauty vitamin supplement line, to customers nat...
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Debuts New Primary Packs at Sephora
Another set of fabulous Lip Tars is now available! Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics has just released a fun new collection of Primary Portable Packs. Each set contains 5 shades of Lip Tar in NSFW, Traffic, Rx, Tarred, Feathered, and a #010 Precision Lip Brush to create an endless amount of custom L...
Editor's Picks: Kim West Shares Her Faves
Happy Monday Beauty World Newsers. My pics, this week are all about saving face. You know, those products that help to keep skin in tip top condition. Check out the three tubes of terrific skin care I've been using lately and let me know what you think with a note below!
Beauty Gift Ideas: Sephora Favorites Holiday 2013
Treat everyone on your list with one of the exclusive Sephora Favorites gift sets this holiday season, each loaded with a selection of best-selling products that will keep them looking great from top to toe.
Staff Picks: Clarissa Hamlin Shares Her Weekly Faves
This holiday season, I had to upgrade a few items in my beauty repertoire. It was important for me to find a new must-have mascara, fragrance and colorful eye pencils. Click through the slideshow to see my picks and drop a note with your thoughts!
Editor's Picks: Kim West Shares Her Faves
Sometimes you just have to reexamine your beauty regime with fresh new eyes. And after using my latest three new picks, I've done just that, since holiday season already has me running ragged. So to combat the dreaded look of dark circles and puffy eyes, I've been paying extra attention to my peeper...
Sephora Hot Now: October Hottest Beauty Picks [PHOTOS SLIDESHOW]
Sephora just released their October Hot Now product picks! Get ready for the six talked-about items, handpicked by Sephora experts this month to show us what is currently in beauty bags everywhere. Click through the slideshow to get the deets on each of the hot new picks!
Sephora Introduces In-Store Beauty Classes
Sephora announced the launch of their new program, Sephora University Beauty Classes at more than 60 stores throughout the U.S. on Thursday.
Sephora, and Avon Launch on 'Catalog Spree' Mobile Shopping App
Catalog Spree, the personalized digital mall that lets beauty junkies discover and shop their fave brands on the iPhone and iPad, has launched a new mobile beauty department with lookbooks for Sephora, and Avon.
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