Editor's Picks: Kim West Shares Her Faves

Happy Monday Beauty World Newsers. My picks this week are all about saving face. You know, those products that help to keep skin in tip top condition. When blemishes rear their ugly little heads, every gals gotta have her go-to skin care solutions! Check out the three terrific tubes I've been using lately and let me know what you think with a note below!

Acne spots be gone! I love using the Acne-fighting Roll-on Gel from Sephora. Priced at $12, the soothing metal roller ball feels cool on skin. It also allows for ultra-targeted application of the purifying salicylic acid that helps to exfoliate and reduce the blemish size of those pesky pimples that love to pop up. Definitely a skin care lifesaver.

Of the many products I own from this brand, I am now a new fan of Olay Regenerist's Intensive Repair Treatment. For $20, you'll get tall red tube's formula is designed to target signs of aging with its own red bullseye. Whether it be crows feet, laugh lines, or any wrinkle in between, this Pro-Retinol infused cream hydrates to effectively reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles without drying your skin.

And for those blemishes that have decided to make a more permanent place on your face, try using the Dark Spot Minimizing Serum by Sephora. For $20, you get a serum that features a micro-exfoliating applicator for super specific application to help reduce the appearance of dark spots. With this in your beauty arsenal, those spots will definitely fade fast.

Tried any of my skin care picks? Let me know and don't forget to follow us @Beautyworldnews and like us on Facebook. Look out for my beauty picks every Monday!

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