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If you are an OG fan of Sephora, the name Margarita Arriagada might ring a bell--the company's former chief merchant.

Throughout her time in the French multinational company and her decade long expertise in branding and product development, she has witnessed how trends come and go.

After stepping down as Sephora's former chief merchant in 2015, Arriagada realized her new mission. That is to bring back the beauty industry's meaning and purpose through her own cosmetic brand, Valdé Beauty.

Margarita Arriagada Shares Inspiration Behind Valdé Beauty

Amid the chaos and uncertainty of the global pandemic, the high-powered retail executive is developing a line inspired by her loved one.

Launched in 2020, the brand offers a refillable lip collection with richly pigmented shades suited for every skin tone.

According to the company's bio, Arriagada explained that Valdé Beauty reflects on the "freedom to discover who and what you want to be is the ultimate gift a woman can give herself. It is the legacy my mom left me, and the one I wish to leave my daughter," she cited.

Speaking to Allure Magazine, she revealed that her mom was the inspiration behind her brand.

At the time, she recalled how her mother, who had dementia, would often "perk up" every time she put on red lipstick as if she could "remember how it made her feel."

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Valdé Beauty is More than Just a Makeup Brand

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With her experience and expertise in the beauty industry, the mother-of-three knew exactly what is missing in some of the cosmetic products on the market--and that is the "deeper connection to beauty."

"Products that have meaning and purpose and are an extension of the person who wears them," she explained.

She considers lipstick to be not just a disposable beauty product but rather as a cherished ritual. To bring delight, power, symbol, and signature to every woman, and thus the Valdé Armors was born.

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The Valdé Armors Collection

Offering a variety of shades which come in neutrals, reds, and pinks, the Valdé Armor plus lip set comes in an interesting and unique design for $199.00

Made from molded zinc alloy core, the feathery design is hand-polished and coated in liquid gold. Another interesting factor is that it is entirely refillable and reusable.

During her interview with the publication, Margarita Arriagada shares the concept behind the packaging.

Her experience with figure drawing helped her create a mock-up design showcasing feathery draping for the case, based on her mood board with ballerina tutu and rocket ship images. She then handed it to a manufacturer who had experience in creating jewelry.

As for the shade, Valde beauty now offers 27 shades to match every skin tone.

With its satin finish, the lip products have a smooth and weightless texture for that barely-there feel. Aside from this, it is also formulated as a unique blend of plant-based polymers, soft powder spheres, and elastic waxes to glide on the lips easily.

Valde lipstick is not just makeup but also offers skincare properties, containing antioxidant-rich botanicals and hyaluronic acid to replenish the skin's natural moisture.

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