So while we're all still taking our pills to make us pretty, there is even more exciting news on the beauty supplement front.

Sephora is set to take a major step in pioneering the "beauty from within" market by bringing HUM Nutrition, an innovative beauty vitamin supplement line, to customers nationally via retail and e-commerce on May 16.

HUM is revolutionizing the vitamin and supplement category with the creation of ultra-specific beauty and lifestyle products that are said to be purpose driven as well as scientifically proven.

HUM describes its purpose as designed with the beauty-conscious consumer in mind. The brand says they seek to act as a means to compliment her skincare and beauty routine from the inside out with both science and quality.

In addition to addressing the needs of the modern Sephora shopper, HUM also adds a powerful in-store presence with a package design that is rooted in fashion and beauty - happy and vibrant colors that pair perfectly with their equally playful names.

With names like "Red Carpet," "Killer Nails" and "Here Comes the Sun," HUM takes the uncertainty and guessing out of the vitamin game and instead provides products that are straightforward and address specific beauty and health needs, for instance...

  • Red Carpet - Gives you glowing skin and fuller, shinier hair - think of it as your own personal Instagram filter!
  • Killer Nails - It's like a protein shake for your nails and hair providing maximum strength.
  • Here Comes the Sun - Boosts D3 levels providing all the benefits of sunshine without the aging or UV rays.

Recognizing the growth of the beauty/lifestyle supplement market, Sephora is excited to not only meet customers' needs with the inclusion of HUM products, but also, to do so with a brand that falls in line with Sephora's own ideals and beliefs, that health and beauty are inherent to every woman -

We're excited to try these! Are you? Let us know with a note below!