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Lady Gaga Gets Into The Beauty Industry With Her Own Makeup Brand 'Haus Beauty'
Lady Gaga's company, Ate My Heart Inc., filed for a trademark for 'Haus Beauty' in February, with products ranging from makeup, to skincare, to perfume. She has been dropping hints on her social media as well.
Beauty Cult Classic: Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream
So we did a Top 10 Countdown of beauty products you must try a while back. The list included many cult classic beauty products that are a permanent fixture in many a woman's makeup bag, but we think we might have to make an amendment to our list. When the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream rolled o...
Pills to Make You Pretty: What Celebrities take from “The Hollywood Pill Doctor”
Every wonder what natural supplements celebrities take to help them get glowing skin or thicker hair? International Beauty Nutritionist and Nutricosmetics Formulator, Paula Simpson, a.k.a., "The Hollywood Pill Doctor," has uncovered what healthy supplements celebrities take to help them beautify fro...
Top 10 Makeup In A Music Video Moments Countdown: #2
We're practically at the end of our Top 10 Makeup in a Music Video Moments Countdown! Before we recap all the picks we've highlighted, well give you one more for the road for the holiday kickoff. Aside from movies, where else do we get our makeup inspiration from? Where else do we look for trends, i...
Lady Gaga Named Woman of the Year By Glamour Magazine
Glamour has gone Gaga! The magazine has named the pop mega star Woman of the Year for 2013, and it's easy to see why. A hit-making factory, creative genius, and proud supporter of anyone and everyone who's different, Lady Gaga's persona is both artistic and inspirational. The diva is the recipien...
How To Wear A Wig: Expert Tips From Ricardo Rojas
In the market for a new, fun and fabulous wig? Whether you're in need of one for a Halloween costume this week, or simply looking for you're latest 'do, we've got advice from expert Ricardo Rojas on how to choose and style this must-have crown accessory. Read on for his professional tips to help you...
Look of the Week: Celebs Without Makeup
It's a four-way tie for our Look of the Week! Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Demi Lovato all finish first! Did we miss a makeup memo or something, or is practically every celeb posting makeup-free selfies that flaunt great-looking skin? It seems like certain stars are proud to bare it all, free...
Love It or Leave It: Lady Gaga as a Mermaid
The "ARTPOP" diva known as Gaga could just be Ariel's bestie for life. Her new 'do isn't red, but rather clumps and curls of dirty blonde strands littered with seashell, starfish and sea horse accessories. Gaga debuted the style during the MTV Video Music Awards, but kept the look going in London ea...
Love It Or Leave It: Lady Gaga Releases Album Cover for Artpop Single, 'Applause'
Pop music icon, Lady Gaga is back and wearing more makeup than ever. The mega diva superstar revealed the cover of her upcoming single, Applause, set to release on August 19, six days before what is sure to be an epic performance at the MTV Video Music Awards on August 25 Never delivering a du...
Red, White, & BLUE! 3 Tips On How to Rock Blue Lipstick
Love It or Leave It opinions aside, you definitely have to confidence to wear this eye-popping shade! Blue lipstick may be out there compare to other lip colors, but this cooler than cool makeup swatch is gaining a serious fan base.
Have You Tried XEN-TAN Blending Balm Yet?
Check out what might be the ultimate self-tanning accessory for you this summer! Xen-Tan's Blending Balm has been sun-kissing the skin of Hollywood A-listers and is now available to the masses at Neiman Marcus for $16.
Round vs. Square: What's the Best Way to Nail It?
With nails being the next best accessory to an outfit or hairstyle, it's no wonder choosing a shape can often be, dare we say, a nail biting experience. Before the polish, stripes, dots, jewels, and glitter, the right nail silhouette can make or break a nail. Thankfully, there's no right or wrong te...
Brown Eyes Makeup Tips, Eyeliner Colors, Shadows, and Ideas to Make Your Eyes Pop
We are always looking for ways to make our eyes pop, and sometimes it is difficult to find a shade that is specifically right for your particular eye color. Well, here at Beauty World News we plan to dedicate articles to various eyes colors star with brown.
Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, Nicole Kidman, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez Jeweler Rodrigo Otazu EXCLUSIVE: Debuts New Brand [PHOTOS,] Calls Jewelry 'An Emotional Statement'
Argentinian Designer Rodrigo Otazu, who has designed sparkling jewelry for the likes of Lady Gaga, Nicole Kidman, Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez, debuts his new brand, "Rodrigo New York."
Lady Gaga, Terry Richardson Announce 'Artpop' Movie
Lady Gaga, Terry Richardson announce new movie 'Artpop,'about the singers life.
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