Haus Labs Color Fuse Glassy Blush Balm Stick
Haus Labs by Lady Gaga's Color Fuse Glassy Blush Balm Stick in Peach Pink.
(Photo : Haus Labs by Lady Gaga)

Haus Labs by Lady Gaga has dropped a new beauty product just in time for summer: the Color Fuse Glassy Blush Balm Stick

This innovative product aims to provide users with a radiant, glass-skin effect while combining high-pigment color with skincare benefits. 

The blush balm stands out for its formulation, which includes over 70% skincare actives, ensuring that it not only enhances natural beauty but also nurtures the skin.

The Haus Labs Color Fuse Glassy Blush Balm Stick is available in eight shades, each offering a glossy, translucent finish designed to complement various skin tones. 

The buildable color can be customized to achieve the desired intensity, making it suitable for both subtle and dramatic looks.

Sarah Tanno, the global artistry director for Haus Labs, highlights the product's versatility, noting that the hydrating blush balm can be used on both cheeks and lips. 

For lips, it can be applied directly for full-coverage color or dabbed on with fingers for a softer effect. Tanno also recommends topping it with the brand's PhD Hybrid Lip Oil in Universal Clear to enhance the glassy finish.

The blush balm's lightweight, smooth application makes it ideal for the hot summer months when heavy makeup can be uncomfortable. 

The serum-balm formula ensures a weightless feel on the skin, avoiding any sticky or tacky residue while maintaining a moisturized look.

Incorporating HausTech innovation, the product features ingredients like fermented arnica, goji berry complex, and fermented shiunko. 

Fermented arnica helps reduce redness and irritation, while goji berry complex boosts radiance and helps the skin appear more plump. Fermented shiunko promotes collagen synthesis and provides antioxidant protection.

The Color Fuse Glassy Blush Balm Stick can be applied directly to the skin for maximum pigment, tapped with fingers for better adherence and a natural finish or blended with a brush for a more diffused look.

In a third-party perception study with 35 participants aged 18-45, 97% found it easy to control the application and color intensity, according to the brand. Around 94% agreed it provides sheer, medium buildable coverage, while 94% felt it is weightless on the skin all day. Of the study participants, 91% noted it provides all-day moisture and hydration with a healthy glow.

Priced at $34, the Haus Labs by Lady Gaga Color Fuse Glassy Blush Balm Stick is now available for purchase on the brand's official website.