Lady Gaga Named Woman of the Year By Glamour Magazine


Glamour has gone Gaga! The magazine has named the pop mega star Woman of the Year for 2013, and it's easy to see why.

A hit-making factory, creative genius, and proud supporter of anyone and everyone who's different, Lady Gaga's persona is both artistic and inspirational. The diva is the recipient of Glamour's annual award thanks to her Born This Way Foundation work, which strives to eliminate bullying and build self-confidence.

And of course Gaga's love for all things glam contributed to her now third Woman of the Year Award (MTV News bestowed the star with the honor twice as well). We can always count on Gaga to wow us, shock us, or surprise us with her over-the-top hair and makeup. Interestingly enough, however, in her latest interview with Glamour, Gaga reveals what her real beauty secret is.

Wondering what product this queen of pop always taps to create her head-turning looks? It's none other than confidence. "I'm confident in who I am," said Gaga. "I've come to a place in my life where I've accepted things that are me, as opposed to feeling pressure to explain myself to people around me. That's just the way I've always tried to be. It didn't change when I became a star."

Gaga proves on a daily basis how confidence is truly a beauty essential. The superstar also gets candid with the magazine about what she considers beautiful as well.

"If there was some sort of mathematical equation for beauty, I don't know if I would be the algorithm," she said. "I've always been OK with that. I'm not a supermodel. That's not what I do. What I do is music. I want my fans to feel the way I do, to know what they have to offer is just as important, more important, than what's happening on the outside."

No wonder Glamour decided to take this pop powerhouse and make her the poster child for confident women everywhere. Check out Gaga during her photo shoot for the magazine, on newsstands today, and hear her talk about her style, creative inspirations, and of course, her Little Monsters. Let us know what you think makes a gal worthy of a Woman of the Year award with a note below.

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