Lady Gaga's Makeup Line Arrives! What to Buy?

Lady Gaga Makeup
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"Life-changing" is how Lady Gaga envisions her beauty brand will be for consumers.

The American singer-actress talks about how makeup changed her life, which prompted her to start her own line.

Yes, the "Pokerface" hit singer joins Rihanna and other celebrities by finally launching her own cosmetics line. To make it easily accessible to all, you can shop her makeup line -- Haus Laboratories -- on Amazon!

What's the Collection Like?

Haus Laboratories carries the theatrical and dramatic personality of the "Bad Romance" singer with bold lippies, lip gloss, lip liners, vibrant jewel-toned palettes and glittery eye shadows.

Yet, her makeup line is surprisingly wearable with eyeliners designed for perfecting a winged tip and lip liners that are subtle enough for everyday use. Her eyeshadow palettes also double as highlighters.

Best of all, her makeup products are all under $30!

The Golden Globe award-winning actress collaborated with her longtime makeup artist Sarah Tanno, now Haus Laboratories' Global Artistry Director.

Why Buy Lady Gaga Makeup?

Her makeup products are VEGAN and CRUELTY-FREE. This is great news considering that in the past, she was caught up in an issue with PETA criticizing her choice of wearing fur jackets.

Lady Gaga also reveals the significance of the brand to her, saying that it is a form of self-acceptance.

"Beauty is how you see yourself," reveals the promotional video for the recently launched Lady Gaga makeup line.

The singer passionately shares that the way she creates the collection is similar to how she creates a record. She puts in a lot of thought with each product, as she wants to make significance in the lives of others.

Her makeup line promotes authenticity and to discover the person you want to be. She also shares a story of how she "never felt beautiful" until she "discovered the power of makeup" to "put on the bravest face" like her mother.

Let's Start Shopping!

Beauty aficionados flocked to try out Lady Gaga's first-ever makeup line the moment it came out on Amazon. Here's what's in the Lady Gaga makeup line:

Glam Attack in Rose B*tch

Pink shimmery eyeshadows are a must for summery makeup. It makes the eyes pop and look more awake. Plus, the shade makes one feel so pretty.

The tipped edge of the applicator also makes this eyeshadow double as an eyeliner for that fresh and energized look.

Glam Attack in Legend and Aphrodite

These eyeshadow palettes are truly multi-purpose. Legend is reminiscent of "A Star is Born" with its striking gold shade, while Aphrodite is a blushing wonder in rose quartz which works as a highlighter too.

Glam Attack in Dynasty

What's great about Lady Gaga's eyeshadow palettes is that they are heavily pigmented while being very lightweight when applied on the skin. This is great for conserving your makeup, so you don't end up wasting too much product.

As an added benefit, it lasts all day!

Haus Labs Glam Attack Liquid Shadow

Co-creating her makeup line with her makeup artist made it possible for 'The Fame Monster' hitmaker to create makeup products that she needed herself.

It included a liquid glitter eyeshadow that stays on longer but comes off with a single wipe. They couldn't find one in the market, and here's why we have Glam Attack Liquid Shadow.

Rip Lip Liners

Lady Gaga launched a totally wearable lip liner that can be used as a lippie, only with a lip liner, you can be more precise. It's semi-matte for a smooth application without the caked-on look.

Le Riot Lip Gloss

Her lip glosses are great at moisturizing the lips and they're comfortable to wear all day, as these are not sticky at all.

Haus Labs' lip glosses are complementary to her shimmery eyeshadows without being overpowering. We found it perfect for making small, thin lips look plumper too!

The Venus shade has a subtle neutral shimmery shade. If you want a color-less shimmery lip gloss, choose the Entranced shade. If you want a bolder lip gloss, try the tints of Attitude and Scream.

Haus Labs Eyeliner

Black eyeliner is a signature Lady Gaga look. She needed and wanted a matte liner, so they created one for her collection. Now you can easily cop Lady Gaga winged tip with this eyeliner.

Haus Labs Felt-Tip Liquid Eye-lie-ner

For a more defined, exaggerated wing-tip, go for their darker, sleek black shade.

This new release is already the bestselling eyeliner on Amazon, and it looks like a sleek black shade that could easily work with any look. The brand says the liner is meant to help you create "Lady Gaga's signature, exaggerated wing."

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