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National Hair Loss Awareness Month: Women's Hair Loss Myths & Facts
In light of it being National Hair Loss Wareness Month, we wanted to share a list of the five most common hair loss myths among women that have been perpetuated by both physicians and the general public. You already know some of the hardcore statistical facts about women's hair loss, but check ou...
Hair Blowing
Female Hair Loss: Facts & Statistics About Women Who Have Thinning & Are Losing their Hair
Mistakenly thought of as a male issue, 40 percent of hair loss sufferers are actually women. NYC Plastic Surgeon Dr. Yael Halaas told us that, "most women begin to lose their hair in their 20s or 30s and don't even notice that they're thinning until they've lost 50% or more of their hair." As ...
Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian Hair: How Traction Alopecia Can Damage Edges, Hairline & Cause Female Hair Loss
Kim Kardashian recently displayed shocking hair loss after relying on extensions to boost her post-pregnancy thinning locks. Extensions are definitely a great way to boost your locks and liven up your look, but even Kim! Isn't immune to their drawbacks. How do you lose hair from hair extension...
Herbal Life: Get Stronger, Longer, Healthier Hair with "The Hollywood Pill Doctor" Paula Simpson
So Paula Simpson, a.k.a 'The Hollywood Pill Doctor' dished on what supplements celebs use to stay fabulous, and now she's back with some more must have beauty knowledge. Wanna grow your hair longer, stronger, and healthier? Consider using natural herbs! Check out which Paula recommends below:
Plastic Surgery
Top Beauty Trends: Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr. Predicts The Popular Procedures For 2014
January is almost over and a few key beauty procedures have begun to lead the pack in what treatments will be trendy for 2014. Skin resurfacing, phototherapy, and permanent hair reduction are all forecasted to remain among the top five cosmetic procedures to be performed this year. And now there is ...
Prince William
Prince William's Hair: Solutions for Male Pattern Hair Loss from Trichologist Mark Blake
Premature hair loss is so depressing for men in their teens and early 20s and can literally rob them of their confidence just when they're making their way in the world and need it most. What bummer! What these young men don't realize, however, is that there really is a whole host of effective optio...
Women's Hair Loss: Causes, Treatments, & How to Get Your Locks Back
Think hair loss is a problem only men have to deal with? Think again. A recent study by the International Society of Hair Restoration revealed that nearly 25 million women are experiencing thinning hair. Now, while this number is definitely alarming, we should point out that every woman loses hair....
Introducing Theradome Hair Restoration Laser Helmet
Tired tresses, fried follicles, stubborn scalp and split ends? Ladies, there's a new innovation that you need to know about: Theradome Laser Helmet. It's at-home hair restoration device that helps heal these hair headaches, so lets take it to the head!
Hair Loss Woman Solutions: Alternative Ways to Cover Up Your Hair Loss [VIDEO], Products, Extensions, Sprays, and More
Recently YouTube sensation and Makeup Geek Marlena revealed that she was struggling with hair loss for almost 3 years.


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