January is almost over and a few key beauty procedures have begun to lead the pack in what treatments will be trendy for 2014. Skin resurfacing, phototherapy, and permanent hair reduction are all forecasted to remain among the top five cosmetic procedures to be performed this year. And now there is a light-based treatment that simultaneously performs each of these procedures in less than 30 minutes that can be performed in your physician's office or spa with very little to no downtime! Beverly Hills-based Dermatologist and "Doctor to the Stars," Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr. has given us the scoop on what makes these treatments so popular. Check out his answers to our beauty Q&A below to see if any could help you look your 2014 best:

So Dr. Bitter, what makes these procedures set to be the most popular for 2014?
We can expect the popularity of these with consumers because everyone's interested in the anti-aging benefits of these procedures. What is most exciting is the new information we have learned about some of the benefits of BBL that we did not know previously. We have learned that BBL treatments can reverse some of the aging changes that occur in genes of old skin cells. BBL treatments are able to make old skin cells begin to behave like young ones. 

Skin resurfacing sounds like it might hurt. Is there any pain involved?
This procedure requires some form of anesthesia. Local injected anesthesia or nerve blocks or general anesthesia are frequently used. These procedures are more easily tolerated, more comfortable and recovery times are faster. Some form of topical anesthesia is usually necessary but often is adequate to make fractionated laser treatments quite tolerable.

What is phototherapy?
A more accurate term is photo rejuvenation. This refers to the use of light to rejuvenate skin. An even more accurate term is IPL or BBL photo rejuvenation. This term refers to a process using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or the newer and more advanced Broad Band Light (BBL) to rejuvenate aged and sun damaged skin non-invasively. The number one thing people should know about BBL and IPL photo-rejuvenation is that almost everyone can benefit from this treatment and the results are not results that can be gotten with chemical peels, skin care products or surgery.  BBL technology also provides easier, faster, safer treatments and better results. It can be used safely to treat darker skin types as well.

Is there ever a real solution to hair loss? 

There is good news for people losing their hair. Most hair loss conditions are now treatable. Hormone caused male pattern and female pattern hair loss can be treated and delayed using topical and oral hormone blocking medications. Improvements in hair transplantation surgery and robotic hair transplantation produce extremely natural and permanent results now as well. The use of our own stem cells derived from fat and injected into the scalp may also one day be the ultimate solution to hair loss.