Think hair loss is a problem only men have to deal with?  Think again.

A recent study by the International Society of Hair Restoration revealed that nearly 25 million women are experiencing thinning hair. Now, while this number is definitely alarming, we should point out that every woman loses hair. Whether it's during a morning shower, blowing it dry or a quick brush through - and that's normal! In fact, the average woman loses about 50-100 strands PER day! Say it ain't so!

The problem is, how do women determine when hair loss is normal and when they should be concerned? Luckily, we have been able to turn to our favorite hair restoration specialist, Dr. James Marotta, to discuss some of the common and not-so-common reasons why women might be losing their locks. Read below to get Dr. Marotta's expert take on this hair situation and what remedies he cites for each cause.