National Hair Loss Awareness Month: Women's Hair Loss Myths & Facts

In light of it being National Hair Loss Wareness Month, we wanted to share a list of the five most common hair loss myths among women that have been perpetuated by both physicians and the general public.

You already know some of the hardcore statistical facts about women's hair loss, but check out these so-called truths that really aren't all that factual, courtesy of Dr. Robert Leonard, Medical Advisor for the restorative hair care brand Keranique:

Myth: Stress is a major cause of hair loss. 

Truth: This is not true except in the case of physiologic stress. (i.e. physical trauma, high fever, childbirth, general anesthesia)  Everyday stress that we endure does not cause hair loss.

Myth: Clogged hair follicles do not cause hair loss, though many claims are out there to the contrary. 

Truth: It is very important to use hair care products that thoroughly cleanse the scalp of cellular debris and sebum; however, this issue does not cause follicles to become clogged, causing thinning hair.

Myth: Frequent shampooing, likewise, doesn't cause hair to become thin. 

Truth: To the contrary, daily shampooing is important to keep both the scalp and the hair clean.

Myth: Presence of mites is another myth prescribed to thin hair.  

Truth: Mites are part of our life -- like it or not -- they are found virtually everywhere, but they do not cause hair loss.

Myth: Wearing a hat causes hair loss is a big myth. 

Truth: This has been passed along from grandmothers to mothers to daughters over the centuries.  Sorry, Mom, it's just not true!

Any hair myths you wish to debunk once and for all? Tell us with a note below!

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