Mama June Wants To Lose Weight To Attend Former Boyfriend's Wedding
Mama June from "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" just got her own documentary series about her weight loss journey.
Noah Cyrus Rocks Statement Outfit With ‘Girl Power’ Shirt at Kid’s Choice Awards
Noah Cyrus shows her feminist view through her outfit at Kid's Choice Awards. Could it be a part of her big sister's influence?
Demi Lovato Gets New Lob Haircut for Kid’s Choice Awards
Demi Lovato got a short lob haircut right before she hit the Kid's Choice Awards red carpet.
Emma Watson Reveals Pubic Hair-Care Routine
Emma Watson shared a surprising hair routine that includes pubic hair oiling. Should people start to do it too?
Hillary Clinton Sports New Pixie Haircut And The Internet Has Gone Wild About It
Hillary Clinton got a new pixie cut with bangs on International Women's Day and it looks amazing.
Malia Obama's Casual Outfits to Internship Prove She is Fashionable & Down-to-Earth at the Same Time
See the outfits Malia Obama wears during her internship program that describes her casual and inspiring style
How to Recreate Kim Kardashian’s Long Sleek Hairstyle
How to steal Kim Kardashian's long and sleek new signature hairstyle.
Nail It: Bella Thorne Knows How to Mix & Match Blue Hair with Green Eyeshadow
Bella Thorne shows off her bright blue hair combined with neon green eyeshadow, proving how she feels good about her hair changes.
Luke’s First Words in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Revealed
Luke Skywalker's first words in the "Star Wars: the Last Jedi" has revealed. Find out what it means here.
Nintendo Switch, A Hybrid Console Everyone Is Excited About
The Nintendo Switch gets mixed reviews, from the highly positive reviews to some complaints about its special controllers.
Beauty Lessons that Everyone Wants to Know from Paris Fashion Week
Beauty trends from Paris Fashion Week that can be learned.
Islamic Fashion & Art: Beauty of Modesty to Resist Islamophobia
How fashion and art can counter Islamophobia by introducing the beauty and modesty of Islam.
WHO: Pollution Causes 1.7 Million Children Die Every Year & Fast Fashion might be the one to Blame
WHO released a warning statement that one in four child dies because of the environmental hazards and fashion industry, the second biggest pollutant industry, might be the one to blame.
Women of Color To Redefine American Beauty Standard
On the International Women's Day, women are standing up for each other to redefine the American beauty standard.
Old Lady Perfumes That Smell So Good That People Love
The classic fragrances that people will love because of its timeless scents and luxurious feelings to those who spray the perfume on their wrists.
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