Luke’s First Words in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Revealed

The title of the eighth episode of "Star Wars" franchise has released and it is followed by the first dialogue by Luke in the movie. After the seventh episode released last year and it got so many positive reviews with people hoping that the series will continue, it is finally here.

Entertainment Weekly confirmed that the latest episode of the movie franchise would be called "Star Wars: The Last Jedi", which possibly refers to Rey--played by Daisy Ridley after she found Luke Skywalker, who was supposed to be the last Jedi in the seventh episode. Luke had been long gone, though the reason has not been found out yet. Some theory would say that he decided to go into exile for his own good to protect himself from earthly desires that would lead him to suffer, some would say that he had been building his own Jedi Temple to train young Jedi masters.

Luke Skywalker's appearance in a less-than-a-minute scene in the "Star Wars VII" showed how he was puzzled meeting Rey in his hideaway island, who handed him his lightsaber. And his first words in the eighth episode will be "Who are you?" according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Hollywood Reporter also explained why Luke Skywalker's first words of the latest "Star Wars" movie were "Who are you?". Similar to his appearance in the original trilogy, as a boy who lives far away from his family, unknowing about his own origin and the other issue in the story, this time Luke is being the one who knows nothing about what happens, and that is why he has to find out about it.

The Disney CEO, Bob Iger, admitted that they wanted to keep it a secret, though he ended up revealing a little bit of the eighth episode of "Star Wars" movie opening. Mirror Online reported that Iger also paid the tribute to Carrie Fisher. The actress who played as Princess Leia passed away six months after finishing the filming process.

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