The former first daughter has been doing an internship at the Weinstein Company, and her outfits are everything people want to see. Malia Obama wears age-appropriate outfits to the internship that can be described as fashionable and down-to-earth at the same time.

As the weather in New York City has started to get warmer, Malia Obama has change from the thick and all-covered-up outfits and into spring vibe clothes.

Last week, HollywoodLife reported the eighteen-year-old girl wore a blue mini dress with blue puffer coat. The report also described that Malia wore a pair of pink socks and her casual boots. Her mini dress got some people questioning her outfit decision, though it is still considered " appropriate and cute", thanks to her pairing of boots, according to the report.

The pair of boots, according to WhoWhatWear, have been worn before by the former first daughter. In fact, she has seen wearing the same exact boots almost every time she goes to her internship. The Caterpillar boots are always combined with longer and colorful socks that peeking out of the boots.

There are some boot products that are close to the Caterpillar Colorado Slouch Boots Malia Obama has been wearing to her internship place, including the darker Caterpillar Watershed Boots and the brown-ish Caterpillar Freedom Work Boots. The boots themselves reportedly cost around $125.

Harper's Bazaar described her as a "fashion civilian" since she has now transformed her style into fashionable street style. Though her choice of outfits is simple, mostly only made up of three pieces of clothing: a pair of pants, a shirt, and a jacket, without too much layering, are found as inspiring for being original. Her authentic, simple style has a similar taste to the Olsen twins back during their freshman year.

Malia Obama's street style can be recreated by everyone because most of her clothing are not difficult to find in stores. And that is why, many find it effortless yet still fashionable, especially for people at her age.