Paris Fashion Week 2017 ended this week and the beauty trends are beginning to be spread. Here are beauty lessons from the city of love fashion week that can be learned to keep up with the current beauty things everyone will start doing soon.

The minimalist, no-makeup look is what the beauty trendsetters love during the fashion week. In the Paris Fashion Week, this season's designers are into looks that create the healthy and fresh dewiness effect, according to The Cut. The fresh looks are created with the dewy base color and moisturized skin. The natural beauty look can also be created by using color corrector around the eyes to eliminate the blue hues from the face, with a tiny amount of sculpting for the cheekbones and skin care on the base without any foundation.

Sharp lines on the crease below the brows are also dominating the Paris Fashion Week. Marie Claire noted that the eyebrow accents for this season came with various colors and shapes. Yves Saint Laurent picked messy, black brow lines, while Mugler chose the sharp, thinner lines on the lids.

For the eye makeup, cat eyes do not seem to go away anytime soon. Harper's Bazaar reported that the intense smudged cat eye makeup with pencil and gel liner on the eyelids are ruling the eye makeup department. The look creates the edgy, sporty and sophisticated vibe without losing the sense of femininity.

Bright pink and popping red lipsticks are also a trend that stealing the attention during the Paris Fashion Week. PASKAL proved that the pop pink lips can be striking along with the no-makeup look for the rest of the face. InStyle described it as the look for "low maintenance, lazy girls".

Hair trends during the Paris Fashion Week, braids are still in the hair department throne. Whether it is small braids or the big ones, the hairstyle can be nailed along with many looks. Vogue noted that a few small braids on the hair could create a big effect to the overall look.

Hairbands are also a real game-changer for the Paris Fashion Week. Bandanas, from the retro hair accessories to made-of-real-hair hairbands are a big deal. Marie Claire described it as a statement that is always given during the fashion week.