Bella Thorne, the 19-year-old former Disney sweetheart, knows how to be the center of attention. Besides being in the headlines for her relationship rumors, she also knows how to be so visible with her eccentric style.

Last week, Bella posted a selfie of her rocking her new blue hair combined with pink lipstick and green eyeshadow on Instagram. Though the color combination does not seem very usual, Bella Thorne knows how to do it with confidence. HollywoodLife reported that Gregg Sulkin's ex-girlfriend she mixed her turquoise medium hair with BELLAMI blue hair extensions below it.

For the lips, the news reported that she pulled off bright pink lipstick from Buxom Cosmetics since she the new girl for the cosmetic line campaign. But the most interesting from the whole look was how she put on neon green eyeshadow with a bit of yellow eyeliner. The bright, dazzling eye makeup is somehow a rare look to be matched with a blue hair and that is why HollywoodLife calls her “the bravest beauty warrior.”

The former “Shake It Up” cast is known for not being afraid of taking risks when it comes to her style. When asked about her constant hair color change, Bella Thorne opened up to People Style, saying that she “just felt like it.” She also revealed that she always loves the funky hair colors, and has always wanted to try various hair color from blue, green, and purple.

In the interview, she explained that her not working on a movie project gave her a chance to do the experiment with her hair when she has time. Bella Thorne also told People Style that she and her older sister, Dani, would match their hair color together. In fact, her sister’s boyfriend would join the two to get his hair color changed.

The most important is, Bella Thorne admitted that she feels good and happy about her color change. She proved it on the Instagram blue-hair-selfie caption, saying "my hair may be blue but I'm sure not hahah I'm so cheesy but the vegan kind ya know? #makeupmonday."