Nintendo Switch, A Hybrid Console Everyone Is Excited About

Nintendo Switch is here and it gets everyone excited. With its flexible Bluetooth controller called Joy-Cons, flexible enough to connect with PCs, Macs and Android mobiles, the newly launched console is what everyone talks about. However, there are some issues with the highly-praised controller everyone is also complaining about at the same time.

TechCrunch noted that choosing Bluetooth for the connection mechanism might be the reason why many people who have tried out the Nintendo Switch, would find the recurring connection issues. The controller works out of the box, but since iOS has its own Bluetooth specs, it does not work natively.

The console also gets praises for its hybrid portable and living room console by Forbes. The controller, that can be used as two individual controllers, is found to give the strong experience that it is as exciting as a handheld console. But the portable feature that makes the Nintendo Switch special and exciting will be useless if it is not going to be used somewhere else other than in the house. The lack of availability in the library is also a con for this console.

But according to Verge, even though the console launched with very limited games to play with not very exciting lineups that seemingly does not attract the new players, the available games are already good enough compared to Xbox One and PS4. After "Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild", Nintendo Switch is going to launch "1-2-Switch", a collection of 28 mini games; "Snipperclips", a puzzle game; "Fast RMX", a racing game; and many more games in the lineup.

Meanwhile, the complaints about controller issue have been responded by the company. BBC reported that Nintendo recommends the player not to place the console behind the TV and to make sure that the software is updated. The left-hand controller seems to get more complaints since the antenna is hard to find, and the company advised the players not to play the console within a distance.

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