LGBT Community To Be Celebrated In BatB With Gay Character

LGBT community members should celebrate a victory, this time, in the case of Disney including a gay subplot for the live-action adaptation of the much-awaited "Beauty and the Beast." Director Bill Condon confirmed that yes, there will be an "exclusively gay moment" in the film.

But who will they turn gay? The sidekick, of course. Josh Gad's LeFou may not only want to be like Gaston, but he may actually want to kiss Gaston. Condon told Attitude Magazine that LeFou is confused about what he wants, as he will be someone who has only come to grips with his feelings. He also noted that it's going to be done in a subtle way. Matt Cain, the editor of the magazine said about the refreshing change, "It may have been a long time coming but this is a watershed moment for Disney." He also added that he applauded Disney for being brave enough to make the change.

While certain characters in Disney films have been suspected to be gay at some point, Huffington Post noted that this is the first time that such inclusion of the LGBT community is explicit in a Disney film. The treatment is meant to emphasize the normalcy of homosexuality by allowing a gay moment in the film.

The latest adaptation to the classic Disney film has already mentioned that it will not follow the animated version frame by frame, and in fact, new spins are to be expected, not only on the treatment of the songs, but of the characters as well. For instance, LeFou may have become gay, but a bigger change will be put on Belle herself - she is not only a mere bookworm as stated in the 1991 film, she is now also a feminist with a new back story: Belle is going to be an inventor, to help her fit in the changing times - this is, after all, the 21st century.

"Beauty and the Beast" will come to life in theaters beginning March 17.

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