Old people often have some certain smells that younger people find annoying. Even some would actually hate the way their grandmother's perfume smells. But there are some typical old lady perfumes that actually smells amazing and people end up secretly loving.

Chanel No. 5 has floral smells, including jasmine, may rose and citrus that gives the ladylike scent, as noted by Refinery29. Even though the sandalwood scent gives it away and makes it smell like a grandmother's perfume, it actually gives a sensual trail with a soft touch of vanilla.

Chantilly, an Eau de Toilette spray created by Houbigant, a perfume house, is in a recommendation list by Huffington Post. The perfume that was first created in 1941 was known for its luxury and high price at the time, gives the scent of romance and mystery. The classy perfume contains floral notes such as rose damask and jasmine.

Youth Dew by Estée Lauder is also included in the list. The classic perfume was created by Lauder in the 50's. The perfume is described as sensual and timeless, and it is actually inspired by women's need to be loved without relying on men. Youth Dew contains lavender, moss and Muguet notes.

The scent of Jean Nate by Revlon is described as light and sweet by POPSUGAR. The perfume has a little bit spicy and floral scent and it is perfect for spring or summer to give the adventurous and bright feelings. The perfume that was introduced for the first time in 1935 also has some citrus note.

Another timeless, elegant scent that needs to stay is White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor. As classy and sexy as Liz, the perfume gives a fashionable feels to anyone who wears it. The perfume was created in 1991 and contains citrusy notes from bergamot, neroli and orange added with lily, as described by POPSUGAR.

Watch the timeless bombshell, Marilyn Monroe referencing to the classic Chanel No. 5: