witch hazel in winter
Witch Hazel for Skincare: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Are you thinking of using witch hazel for your skin? Read this before adding this ingredient to your skincare routine.
woman wearing red lipstick
11 Clever Lipstick Hacks You Need in Your Life Right Now
Get your lipstick right with these beauty hacks for applying lipstick. Read on.
working on laptop in the dark
How To Prevent Premature Aging from Smartphone and Computer Glare
Have you heard of HEV-blocking beauty products? Here's what they do and why you need them.
support for young people with alopecia
No Shame: Perfect Makeup Look for Women With Alopecia
In support of women with alopecia, we shared makeup tips including how to do your brows and eyelashes.
Kylie Jenner
That's the Attitude! Kylie Jenner Embraces Stretch Marks as Baby Stormi's Gift
Kylie Jenner opens up about the challenges she had with her body post-pregnancy and how she learned to accept her flaws.
Christmas outfits
Be Reunion Ready: Holiday Beauty Tricks and Tips
Are you ready for the holidays? Here are some beauty tips you'll want to know!
Julianne Moore
How to Spice-Up Your Skincare Routine a la Julianne Moore
Here are beauty tips you might not have thought of your skin. We got them from Julianne Moore, you need to know about this!
Candy Cane Nails
Nail The Holidays! Christmas Nail Trends for 2019
Get your nails in the holiday mood with these fashionable trends. What's hot in nails now and how to cop them?
woman showing flawless legs
How to Get Rid of Scars on Legs
Are your scars bothering? Bid sayonara to those scars with this beauty tip!
sustainable beauty products
Drop Victoria Beckham: 20 Brands Promoting Sustainable Beauty
These beauty brands help save our planet. Find out how they are doing it.
woman pink lips
7 Beauty Hacks for Dewy, Pink Lips
How can we take care of our lips better so we can have dewy, pink lips? Here are easy ways to do it!
woman long hair
7 Natural Herbs to Grow Hair - Fast!
Do you have problems with falling hair or thinning hair? Grow your hair the natural way with these herbs!
woman touching her lips
Must-Have Lip Balms for Chapped-Free Lips in Autumn and Winter
Why do lips get chapped? Why are my lips so dry when the temperature goes down? These are common questions we hear in the cooler months from autumn to winter.
Kylie Jenner makeup
Kylie Jenner vs Kim Kardashian: Ulta Holiday Makeup Launch
Kylie Jenner recently launched makeup products at Ulta. What to buy and what to expect from her sister, Kim Kardashian West's October makeup launch.
Sandra Oh curly hair
Sandra Oh’s Curly Hair Routine -- Revealed!
Sandra Oh chopped off her hair and dons a new look. Here's how to get lustrous curly locks like the actress.
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