Topix Pharmaceuticals Launches Game Changing Treatment Cream For Extremely Dry Skin
Glyco-Urea KP Therapy Helps Improve The Appearance Of Keratosis Pilaris In Only 4 Weeks. Here's what we know about this new treatment.
Derma Fillers
Dermal Fillers Out? Nope, Says New Study
Dermal fillers are still hot. A new study details the growing demand for minimally invasive surgeries and anti-aging treatments. Here's what you need to know.
Miss America's Outstanding Teen Jessica Baede
Miss America's Outstanding Teen Jessica Baeder to Attend U.S. Military Academy at West Point
Miss America's Outstanding Teen Jessica Baeder has accepted an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point. She is also the recipient of a $35,500 scholarship from Miss America's Outstanding Teen. In addition to military leadership training, she plans to pursue an engineering deg...
 New York Denim Days
Denim Days Announces 2018 Festival Dates
New York Denim Days will color the world indigo in September as denim professionals, brands, and designers converge in NY. Here's what denimheads should expect.
Women Run the World™ Relay & Mentorship Program
2018 SHAPE Women's Half-Marathon Draws Thousands Of Women From Around The World
Askale Merachi, an Ethiopian athlete, grabbed the first place during the half marathon organized by SHAPE Magazine and New York Road Runners. The event also honored notable female leaders across multiple industries.
Umberto Valeri
Umberto Valeri Brings New Concept to Fashion
Italian artist Umberto Valeri wants you to wear greed, lust, gluttony, envy, and other seven deadly sin-inspired scarves. Valeri launched his newest collections aptly called Sins I, Sins II, Flowers, and Swords.
Alessandra Ambrosio
250 Most Beautiful Women In The World Ever
There are many beautiful women all over the world that deserve recognition for being the definition of the very word. Some of those who are found on this list are starting to make their own names in their chosen paths or those who have become a head-turner for the things they support.
Beauty Vlogger Responded to a Teen about Body Positivity
Beauty Vlogger Responds to Teen about Body Positivity
Beauty vlogger Gina Shkeda responded to a teen wanting to look like her with a positive message.
Pepsi Comment on Kendall Jenner Commercial Backlash
Pepsi Pulls Out Kendall Jenner Commercial Following Unpopular Feedback
Pepsi received a backlash from the ad featuring Kendall Jenner and accused of being tone deaf.
Model Liza Golden Shares Inspiring Weight Gain Story
Model Shares Inspiring Weight Gain Story
Model Liza Golden-Bhojwani shares a story about body positivity where she had to starve herself before finally deciding to stop.
Michelle Obama Rocks Natural Hair and the Internet is Shook
Michelle Obama Sports Natural Hair While On Vacation
Michelle Obama is seen rocking her natural hair during a vacation and everyone praises her.
Daily Front Row's 3rd Annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards - Arrivals
Kim Kardashian Steps Out in New Shoulder-Length Bob
Kim Kardashian recently set a new hair trend when she trashed her long hair extensions and debuted a new shoulder-length bob and created a new red carpet style.
Fruit Logistica Agricultural Trade Fair
Everyday Foods That Benefit Our Body Including Hair, Teeth and Nails
Eating fruits and vegetables doesn't only keep one's body fit and healthy but also does wonders to the skin, hair, teeth and yes, nails.
Burberry Licenses Fragrances and Cosmetics to Coty
Burberry Agrees to License Fragrances, Cosmetics to Coty
The British luxury brand Burberry sold a long term license to Coty to handle the brand’s distribution.
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