sustainable beauty products
Drop Victoria Beckham: 20 Brands Promoting Sustainable Beauty
These beauty brands help save our planet. Find out how they are doing it.
woman pink lips
7 Beauty Hacks for Dewy, Pink Lips
How can we take care of our lips better so we can have dewy, pink lips? Here are easy ways to do it!
woman long hair
7 Natural Herbs to Grow Hair - Fast!
Do you have problems with falling hair or thinning hair? Grow your hair the natural way with these herbs!
woman touching her lips
Must-Have Lip Balms for Chapped-Free Lips in Autumn and Winter
Why do lips get chapped? Why are my lips so dry when the temperature goes down? These are common questions we hear in the cooler months from autumn to winter.
Kylie Jenner makeup
Kylie Jenner vs Kim Kardashian: Ulta Holiday Makeup Launch
Kylie Jenner recently launched makeup products at Ulta. What to buy and what to expect from her sister, Kim Kardashian West's October makeup launch.
Sandra Oh curly hair
Sandra Oh’s Curly Hair Routine -- Revealed!
Sandra Oh chopped off her hair and dons a new look. Here's how to get lustrous curly locks like the actress.
woman braided hear crimped high side ponytail
Fall Tresses: Style Your Hair Perfectly for the Season
We're loving this season's hair trends with retro hairstyles, adventurous colors, accessories, and more.
Trésor Rare Review: Are Luxury Brands Worth the Money?
Trésor Rare Review: Are Luxury Brands Worth the Money?
Anyone who cares about their skin is willing to spend a lot of money on skincare products. The question is whether that money is spent well or not. Do you stand to win more if you spend less or is the opposite true?
Joker Movie: Pull Off the Clown Prince Look this Halloween!
The drama-thriller film Joker is a hit, and it's bound to be a trendy look this Halloween. We have 3 makeup tutorials for you to try!
Beauty Blogs worth the follow
Beauty, Skin Care and Makeup Tips: 5 Beauty Blogs Worth the Follow
With plenty of reading materials about beauty, makeup and skin care available online, it can be pretty exhausting - and vexing - to find the right content for you.
Emma Stone
How to Cop Emma Stone's 'Cruella de Vil' Punk Rock Style This Fall
Emma Stone is playing an iconic villain and her look is trending! Here's how you can channel her look this season.
Child's Pose
3 Easy Yoga Poses For That Glowy, Dewy Complexion
Yoga is no longer just for improved flexibility or for combatting mental stress. A bonus to get you to do those twists and bends? Glowy, dewy complexion
Lady Gaga Makeup
Lady Gaga's Makeup Line Arrives! What to Buy?
Lady Gaga launched a makeup line with products she couldn't find in the market. Think they're all over-the-top? You're in for a surprise.
Chia Seeds
3 Beautiful Ways Chia Seeds Can Transform Your Skin
Chia seeds not only have some fantastic fitness and health benefits, but they also have some incredible benefits you'd never thought possible.
woman smiling with lines on face
Crow's Feet Before 40s? Here's What You Can Do!
Eye wrinkles and lines can start to show at an early age. Here are some beauty tips for anti-aging around the eyes.
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