Hailey Bieber Rhode Pocket Blush

(Photo : Rhode)

Hailey Bieber's Rhode is finally releasing its much-anticipated skincare-makeup hybrid product, the Pocket Blush, a cream blush stick designed to transform your beauty routine.

This product, priced at $24, will officially launch on June 20, marking an exciting step forward for Rhode, extending its acclaimed range of peptide-based skincare and tinted lip treatments.

The brand emphasizes that this blush is "multi-functional," suitable for use on both cheeks and lips.

Additionally, Pocket Blush is formulated to deliver a long-wearing, hydrating glow with a "super natural flush of satiny, diffused yet buildable color." 

This innovative product maintains Rhode's commitment to skin-loving ingredients, incorporating peptides and tamanu oil into its formula. 

The blush is vegan, cruelty-free, and fragrance-free, ensuring that it caters to a wide range of users. 

Available in six dewy (but not shimmery) shades, Pocket Blush provides options for every skin tone and preference. The shades include:

Piggy: A delightful baby pink that adds a subtle pop of color to your cheeks.

Freckle: A neutral peach that offers a warm, natural look.

Spicy Marg: A bright coral that brings a vibrant touch to your makeup.

Sleepy Girl: A soft mauve perfect for a gentle, everyday blush.

Juice Box: A hot pink for those who love a bold, playful look.

Toasted Teddy: A warm terracotta that gives a sun-kissed glow.

The Pocket Blush is more than just a pretty addition to your makeup bag. Its long-wearing formula ensures your look stays fresh throughout the day, with clinical studies showing it lasts at least eight hours upon application. 

The blush is designed to provide a glowy finish without a greasy feel, thanks to its lightweight and hydrating formula. It also melts seamlessly into the skin, blending effortlessly for a natural glow, according to the brand. 


Applying Pocket Blush is a breeze. You can use your fingers or a brush to tap the product onto your cheeks. 

The color is buildable, allowing you to customize your look from a subtle tint to a more intense flush. For a cohesive monochromatic look, you can also apply the blush to your lips.

Consumer Study Results

Consumer feedback for the new product has been overwhelmingly positive.

After two weeks of use, 100% of participants reported that the blush gave their cheeks a natural glow; 97% said it melts into the skin and blends seamlessly; and 94% found it works well on both cheeks and lips, according to Rhode.

Additionally, 75% of users felt that the blush was hydrating, which speaks to its nourishing formula.