Daniel Alain Intact 5

(Photo : Daniel Alain)

Haircare brand Daniel Alain launched Tuesday Intact 5 Hair Shedding Treatment, a new topical solution that aims to combat excessive hair shedding, promising results within five minutes of application.

Intact 5 Hair Shedding Treatment is designed to tackle the prevalent issue of hair shedding that affects millions worldwide. 

According to the company, 40% of women experience significant hair loss, particularly on hair washing days, losing over 200 strands daily. Intact 5 was formulated to address this by employing a unique mechanism to secure hair at the root.

The product features the patented PiliLock Complex, which stimulates the arrector pili muscles within hair follicles. This action causes a goose-bump effect on the scalp, helping to hold the hair more securely and significantly reduce shedding almost immediately.

"At Daniel Alain, we have always recognized the emotional and psychological impact of hair loss, which is something we keep in mind when creating all of our products," Daniel Alain's CEO Daniel Hafid said in a press release. "For this launch specifically, we looked to solve a problem many, if not all people experience, hair-shedding."

Clinical studies conducted by the company have shown that over 91% of users experienced a significant reduction in hair shedding after just one application. Some users even reported up to 100% reduction in shedding with the first use.

Intact 5 Hair Shedding Treatment is available for purchase exclusively at DanielAlain.com, retailing at $120 for an 8.5-fluid-ounce bottle, which provides a three-month supply. 

The product is drug-free and formulated without sulfates, phthalates, parabens, silicones, or gluten. It is also vegan-friendly and not tested on animals.

In addition to reducing hair shedding, Intact 5 nourishes and hydrates the scalp with plant-based nutrients. The product is designed to be easy to use, requiring only a five-minute application before shampooing, conditioning, and styling as usual.

Daniel Alain's Intact 5 Hair Shedding Treatment offers a swift and effective solution for those struggling with excessive hair shedding, providing a significant breakthrough in hair care and loss prevention.