Sulwhasoo Ultimate S Line

(Photo : Sulwhasoo)

Sulwhasoo has introduced two new additions to its renowned The Ultimate S Collection: The Ultimate S Enriched Water and The Ultimate S Enriched Emulsion. These products aim to address and reduce visible signs of aging.

The Ultimate S Enriched Water is a moisturizing toner that enhances hydration, firmness, and skin texture. It leverages the ginseng berry elixir, a key ingredient developed by Sulwhasoo, to improve skin vitality and collagen production. 

According to a four-week clinical study involving 33 women aged 30 to 60, users experienced a 68.1% increase in hydration after just one hour of use. Additionally, significant improvements were reported in skin texture (25.1%), skin tightening (16.4%), and reduction in wrinkles (21.9%) over four weeks.

The consumer feedback also highlights positive outcomes, with 93% of participants feeling their skin was clearer and more radiant within a week. 

The formula's effectiveness is attributed to the ginseng berry elixir, a highly concentrated extract processed to enhance absorption and efficacy. This ingredient is claimed to have 50 times more concentrated active components than raw materials, offering robust anti-aging benefits.

The Ultimate S Enriched Emulsion, on the other hand, focuses on revitalizing skin elasticity by promoting natural collagen synthesis. 

This emulsion also uses the ginseng berry elixir and incorporates RE.D flavonoid, another proprietary ingredient from Amorepacific labs. This ingredient is designed to improve skin resilience and combat signs of aging. 

In a four-week clinical study with 34 women aged 30 to 60, results showed a 35.8% reduction in wrinkles and a 27.8% enhancement in the moisture barrier. Other benefits observed included decreased redness (15.7%) and improved skin tightening (6.4%).

Consumer surveys echoed these findings, with 97% of participants noting increased skin flexibility and comfort within a week. The emulsion's texture is designed for deep absorption, ensuring that the potent ingredients work effectively to rejuvenate the skin.

Both products draw inspiration from Sulwhasoo's heritage, symbolized by the moon jar's design, which represents nature's vitality. 

The Ultimate S Enriched Water and Emulsion will be available from July 1. Customers can purchase these products online at Sephora and Amazon.

These additions to The Ultimate S Collection underscore Sulwhasoo's commitment to combining traditional ingredients with modern skincare science to offer effective anti-aging solutions.