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(Photo : Vecteezy/Oleg Gapeenko)

Indu, a teen-focused beauty brand, has introduced a new educational platform called Indu 101. This initiative aims to guide young people through the intricacies of skincare and beauty trends. 

From fundamental skincare routines to advanced makeup techniques, Indu 101 promises to simplify beauty concepts, clarify teen-specific skincare concerns, and empower adolescents to cultivate their personal style confidently.

Indu acknowledges the prevalent misinformation surrounding beauty and skincare on social media, which can overwhelm and mislead teens. 

With Indu 101, the brand seeks to establish a trustworthy resource where teenagers and their parents can access reliable information and learn about safe and effective skincare practices.

Indu's product line, developed in collaboration with a teen advisory committee, features a range of skincare essentials such as cleansers, moisturizers, masks, and spot treatments tailored specifically for youthful skin. 

Its cosmetic offerings include lip oils, brow gels, eye shadows, and versatile lip and cheek tints, designed to cater to diverse preferences and skin tones.

Accessible through Indu's website, Indu 101 provides a growing library of articles covering essential skincare routines, insights into teen-specific skin issues and skin types, makeup tutorials, and an overview of the beauty landscape today. 

This educational hub aims to equip teenagers with the knowledge they need to navigate the beauty world responsibly. 

Indu's launch of Indu 101 comes at a time when many young people are exposed to unrealistic beauty standards and potentially harmful skincare trends promoted online. 

By offering accurate information and fostering a supportive learning environment, the teen-focused brand aims to promote healthier beauty practices and empower teens to make informed choices about their skincare and beauty routines.

For more details about Indu 101 and to explore their products and educational resources, interested individuals can visit the website.