Ouri’s x Testament Beauty Smoothie

(Photo : Testament Beauty)

In an exciting new collaboration, Testament Beauty and Ouri's Gourmet Market have launched a unique coffee smoothie aimed at enhancing skincare from the inside out.

Testament Beauty announced the collaboration on Instagram, highlighting the skin benefits and delicious ingredients of the smoothie.

"We teamed up with the gourmet market to create a delicious summer smoothie with ingredients such as collagen, cacao nibs and Ouri's famous espresso, that will make your skin glow," the brand posted.

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The product is available exclusively at Ouri's kosher markets in Manhattan and Deal, New Jersey, and promises not only to refresh but also to promote glowing skin.

"Testament Beauty is centered on the Mediterranean Diet for your face, with whole, garden-grown ingredients that make your skin look its best," said Testament Beauty founder Sophia Chabbott. "Our partnership with Ouri's shares the same principles, except now the focus is skincare from the inside out."

The Ouri's x Testament Beauty Smoothie is inspired by Testament Beauty's popular Turkish Coffee 3-in-1 Mask, which is known for its moisture-boosting cacao, conditioning avocado, and gently exfoliating coffee seeds.

The ingredients in the smoothie include Ouri's famous espresso, cacao nibs, avocado, coconut cream, almond butter, banana, almond milk, collagen, and a sprinkle of coconut flakes.

"Every single time someone tries the Turkish Coffee Mask, they gush about the smell and ask if the mask is safe to eat," Chabbott noted. "Now they finally can -- sort of!"

This new smoothie is designed to complement a flawless skincare routine, offering a convenient and delicious way for New Yorkers to boost their skin health while enjoying their favorite summer beverage.

Perfect for the fast-paced lifestyle of New Yorkers, this collaboration between Testament Beauty and Ouri's marks a new trend where beauty and nutrition merge seamlessly.

The Ouri's x Testament Beauty Smoothie became available starting June 18, providing a refreshing and nutritious option for those looking to enhance their skincare regimen through diet.