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24s is a French-based e-commerce platform that is also a member of the LVMH group. The e-commerce platform was launched on the 6th day of June 2017 and now competes with other fashion brands such as Chanel and Celine. Initially, the e-commerce platform focused on the sale of women's wear exclusively but that has since changed. In 2019, the platform started venturing into menswear. In the same year, the e-commerce platform rebranded from 24 Sevres to 24s. One of the main distinctive features of this brand is that it focuses more on accentuating the style of Paris on its luxury products.

More than 300 brands offered by the platform

At the moment, the e-commerce platform features products from more than 300 fashion brands. These products are sourced not only from some of the finest luxury brands but also products sourced from emerging designers. Brands such as Dior, Celine, and Moynat, Louis Vuitton are offered on the platform. The e-commerce platform offers a wide range of products for their clients ranging from accessories, jewelry, bags, and shoes, among many other products. Currently, the e-commerce platform offers shipping to more than one hundred countries. For Paris residents, the e-commerce platform claims to deliver purchased items within the same day. Those living in other cities like New York, London, and Milan can expect to have their items delivered within a span of twenty-four hours. The e-commerce platform also makes use of personal stylists who are meant to guide customers in making tailored selections as well as any other type of shopping assistance they may require. Currently, the e-commerce platform has a loyalty program that is available to its customers and enables them to take advantage of private events, member days, and different types of bespoke services.

Payment options

Currently, the e-commerce platform accepts payment from various platforms and merchants including PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Alipay, among many others. The e-commerce platform offers a discount of up to ten percent of the total purchase price for customers shopping on the platform for the first time. The e-commerce platform has a pretty straightforward ordering process. Customers will need to identify the products they would like to purchase on the platform first, place them in a cart, and then complete the checkout process.

Brands offered by the E-commerce platform

The e-commerce platform lists a number of brands that they are currently working with. Some of them include Chloe, Balenciaga, Balmain, and Burberry among others. So, essentially, the e-commerce platform deals with top-of-the-range luxury fashion and clothing apparel. The platform is also segmented into different sections which is definitely a plus for customers who would like to purchase items from the platform. Some of the sections include accessories, jewelry, beauty, and shoes among others. Customers can go straight to the segment that they want and place an order for an item they would like to purchase. On the platform, there is also a section on sale to notify prospective customers of the items that are currently on offer. Customers on the platform may take advantage of this feature and purchase luxurious items at discounted prices. On the platform, different items are usually listed, and the amount of money that they are retailing for. The e-commerce platform has a frequently asked section where customers may seek clarifications on certain issues they may have about the company. For those who feel like their issues have not been properly addressed by the frequently asked question, there is the option of chatting with customer representatives who may explain everything in detail.

Delivery of purchased items

According to the E-commerce platform, free deliveries are available to customers who purchase goods worth a certain amount. However, the minimum amount that makes one eligible for a free delivery varies depending on the country. The platform also claims to offer express delivery services to all the countries listed. Deliveries from the company can be done from Monday to Friday. Basically, the company claims to offer standard and express delivery. Standard delivery is only available to a few countries whereas express delivery is available to all countries.