(Photo : Clockwork)

Artificial intelligence is having a moment with various innovative approaches promoted every day. It is no surprise that the beauty industry tested the waters as well. For example, we now have a robot that applies nail polish, called Clockwork MiNiCURE. The best part? You can give it a try with several units available across the U.S.

Clockwork MiNiCURE in Target outlets

Clockwork's journey began in 2018 when founder Renuka Apte aimed to simplify and democratize beauty services. Fast forward to today, Clockwork's fully autonomous nail-painting robot has become a game-changer in beauty technology.

The machine, now available at a new location in Beverly Hills, utilizes AI and 3D technology to paint nails in under 10 minutes for about $10, offering a quick and affordable polish change. Clockwork's Target partnership catapulted its popularity, making it a go-to for busy individuals seeking convenient and stylish manicures on the go.

With plans to expand to more locations and add features like polish removal and top coat application, Clockwork is revolutionizing the beauty industry.

Currently, Clockwork offers its signature MiNiCURE service, focusing solely on nail polish color. However, future versions may offer more features, all without the need for a human assistant. So, while Clockwork represents a leap forward in beauty technology, it's unlikely to replace the charm and community of traditional nail salons entirely.

Trying out the nail polish robot

Perhaps one thing missing from the robot is the small talk that comes with your routine mani and pedi. Using the robot still requires the participation of a friendly attendant for dotting your nails with a quick dry solution.

The machine's sensor capabilities are a bit surprising because it can effectively scan and trace even the shortest of nails. Since the technology is still new, trying this out for yourself will attract the attention of passersby. If you are not used to onlookers gazing your way, try your best to stay still so that the robot can paint your nails perfectly. A suggestion is to focus on the satisfying view of having your nails outlined and filled with color by a robot.

Overall, Clockwork impressed with its convenience, making it ideal for locations like office parks and airport lounges where traditional nail touch-ups may be challenging. Although it may not replace salons entirely, it is a good alternative for when you are in a rush.