(Photo : Bios Apothecary)

Fragrances and perfumes readily available in stores are convenient, but sometimes, there are certain scents that you wish to tap. This is the reason why some would layer one perfume over another. Bios Apothecary is offering kits that will help you craft with your own hands the custom scents you are looking for.

Making Custom Scents with Bios Apothecary Kits

Bios Apothecary's DIY Perfume Kits offer a fun and immersive experience, whether you are exploring perfumery solo or with friends. 

The kit includes all the ingredients, supplies, and tools needed to create your custom fine fragrance at home. With a choice of six plant-based scents from its library, you can easily follow the step-by-step guide provided. 

Bios Apothecary is committed to purity, using organic and food-grade ingredients blended with therapeutic-grade essential oils. Its products are free of toxic chemicals, parabens, GMOs, and artificial scents, ensuring a clean and sustainable approach to perfumery.

What's inside?

The Bios Apothecary DIY Perfume Kit is a comprehensive package that allows you to create your own custom fragrance. It includes six 1-milliliter scents of your choice from a selection of over 130 natural scents, allowing you to mix and match to your heart's content. Additionally, you can choose two dried flowers and two semi-precious gemstones, which add visual interest and potential therapeutic benefits to your perfume.

The kit also includes a pair of tweezers and staging trays for easy handling, six scent testing strips for evaluating your creations, and a scent card for recording your formula. You will receive six dropping pipettes for precise measurements, a perfume bottle with a roll-on cap for easy application, and a note-taking pencil for jotting down ideas.

To ensure a clean and safe process, the kit includes a pair of gloves, a cleansing alcohol wipe, and a transfer funnel for transferring your perfume into the final bottle. Detailed instructions are provided to guide you through the perfume-making process, making this kit suitable for beginners and experienced perfumers alike.

(Photo : Bios Apothecary)

Perfume Workshop

The Bios Apothecary Perfume Workshop is a delightful experience held at its Brooklyn showroom, where participants can learn about natural perfumery and craft their own unique scent. 

Priced at $120, this two-hour class welcomes beginners and includes comprehensive instruction, guided sampling, and formulation. Participants leave with a 15-milliliter bespoke fragrance and enjoy light refreshments during the workshop.

If you are thinking of purchasing the DIY perfume kit but want to know more about perfumery before doing so, this perfume workshop is worth a try.