BrainMD Smart Collagen

(Photo : BrainMD)

Skin and brain health is getting special attention with the new supplement launched by BrainMD. Smart Collagen offers several benefits you won't be able to resist.

Smart Collagen Supplement and BrainMD

BrainMD, founded in 2009 by neuroscientist Daniel G. Amen, is a Los Angeles-based company specializing in brain health supplements.

One of its recent products, Smart Collagen, is uniquely formulated to benefit hair, skin, and brain health simultaneously. This collagen supplement contains a high concentration of two bioactive dipeptides, proline-hydroxyproline and hydroxyproline-glycine, known for their skin-enhancing properties and cognitive benefits.

BrainMD emphasizes scientifically researched supplements and ethical sourcing, reflecting Dr. Amen's commitment to offering products he would recommend to his own family. The company's dedication to science and results is evident in its rigorous testing process, ensuring each product meets high standards.

Additionally, BrainMD gives back to the community through its support of Dr. Amen's Change Your Brain Change Your Life Foundation, demonstrating a commitment to improving lives beyond just selling supplements.

Boosting Your Skin and Brain Health

Collagen has become a popular choice for those seeking age-defying benefits without the side effects of other treatments. It is a fibrous protein crucial for skin elasticity, nail and bone strength, and joint lubrication.

Unfortunately, we naturally lose collagen with age, and lifestyle factors can speed up this process. Collagen peptides, derived from animal collagen, are easily absorbed proteins that support skin, joint, bone health, and brain function.

BrainMD's Smart Collagen offers these benefits, promoting both physical and cognitive well-being.

Smart Collagen is a scientifically advanced collagen supplement that offers a range of benefits for your body and mind.

It is rich in collagen types I and III, which are crucial for bone strength, skin health, muscles, and blood vessels. This porcine formula contains up to 30 times the level of bioactive dipeptides compared to standard collagen peptides, making it one of the most potent options on the market.

Smart Collagen may help reduce visible signs of skin aging, improve skin tone and texture, boost cognitive function and memory, support cardiovascular and gut health, promote joint health and mobility, protect against pressure injuries, regulate blood sugar and insulin levels, provide quicker recovery time, maintain healthy bone density and joint tissue, and enhance hair and nail health.

With years of clinical research, numerous patents, and high levels of specific collagen peptides, Smart Collagen is designed to deliver rejuvenating benefits to your brain and body.

The product, a box of 20 sachets, goes for $44.95 on the BrainMD official website.