Proven Skincare is Trending-What to Know About The Brand
(Photo : Vecteezy / Ilona Shorokhova)

After years of relentless studies in pursuit of restoring a youthful complexion, Proven Skincare is able to successfully deliver a clinically effective skincare regime customized for each person. That's right, the company is providing solutions not for each general skin type but for each customer. This has catapulted the brand to the trending stream.

Proven Skincare

The brand started with an AI program, The Skin Genome Project, to solve the skin problems of the two company co-founders, Dr. Amy Yuan and CEO Ming Zhao. Their efforts were fruitful, and they were able to identify 47 factors that can affect a skincare product formulation. These factors, which include skin type, degree of oiliness, allergies, humidity, pollution, and air quality in your residence, among others, are assessed through a detailed three-minute quiz.

Your personalized skincare products are specially customized to fit your needs. Proven Skincare's system picks only the best ingredients suited for the cleanser and creams your skin needs from over 20,000 choices.

Multifunctional and Personalized

The award-winning AI-powered assessment will result in three multifunctional, clean and non-toxic products for skincare. You will be given a 50-milliliter Personalized Cleanser, 30-milliliter Personalized SPF Day Cream, and 30-milliliter Personalized Night Cream.

Proven Skincare managed to squeeze in 12 functions of skincare into these three items, effectively helping you save time, money, and effort.

The Personalized Cleanser clears the skin of impurities with just two pumps of product every morning and evening. The Personalized SPF Day Cream is your arsenal against UV damage. Applying it in the morning will treat, nourish, hydrate, and protect your skin. Lastly, using a dime-sized dollop of your Personalized Night Cream before you sleep will help restore and replenish the skin on your face and neck area.

Price Point

A set from Proven Skincare costs $145. However, with the company's subscription service, a set would cost $119.

Some would say that the brand is on the expensive side, but if we consider that a set has 12 functions and that each product is personalized, the price is justifiable. 

Skincare Habits

Now that you have availed your personalized skincare set, remember that a product is only as good as your will to follow through with your routine consistently.