7 Tips for Joint Pain ReliefCredit : Unsplash

Arthritis can be a severe cause of pain and discomfort. You can't bend at the hip, stand for too long, or even sit idly for more than a few minutes. Regardless of the type of arthritis you have, aching joints become your new normal. You start dreading those episodes of acute flares when the pain just gets unbearable. But the good news is that there are many ways to get around this debilitating disease. You might be surprised that a few simple tips can go a long way in providing you with joint pain relief.

1) Start with your diet

You might find fad diets that promise to alleviate arthritis for good, but there's no such thing. Rheumatologists, however, agree that following a Mediterranean-style diet works wonders for reducing inflammation. This diet consists of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fish. Red meat is avoided as much as possible, as it's known to make inflammation worse.

2) Cut the sugar habit

It goes hand in hand with the above tip. Avoiding extra sugar does a world of good for those suffering from joint pain. Science backs this up. One study found that sugar-sweetened soda and desserts are the two major culprits for exacerbating the symptoms of arthritis. It's time to put the sweet stuff aside and find healthier alternatives.

3) Use a topical treatment

The benefits of using topical treatments for joint pain are more than skin profound. You just have to select one that contains the right ingredients. A good example is Parafrix, a joint pain relief cream that's well-known in Mexico. It works by reducing inflammation and blocking pain receptors, providing instant relief from joint pain.

4) Be more active

There's a reason why people with sedentary lifestyles develop arthritis over the years. It might seem strange, but staying sedentary for extended periods can make the pain worse. This goes for people with desk jobs. It pays to stand up every few minutes and do a bit of stretching.

5) Try heat and cold therapy

Using hot water bottles and ice packs are quite common for pain management. Just remember that they serve different purposes. Heat therapy opens up the blood vessels to stimulate blood flow. On the other hand, cold therapy tightens blood vessels to get rid of inflammation. An easy way to remember which one to use is to go for cold treatment for chronic pain and apply cold therapy to relieve acute flares.

6) Use shoe inserts

The feet are often taken for granted, but remember that they do a lot of hard work, even if you do not live an active lifestyle. Those with arthritis usually suffer from pain in the feet and ankles. Sometimes, changing your shoes helps. But if that doesn't solve the problem, try using shoe inserts. Visit a podiatrist to help you choose supplements based on arch height and instep.

7) Fight stress

Did you know that stress can cause joint pain to become even more excruciating? Not to mention, stress does a lot of harm to your overall health. Instead of overthinking about your condition and the pain it comes with, try to free your mind from negativity. Keep your stress levels in check, and you just might notice that the pain isn't as bad as you might think.