Beauty World News - What causes hair loss in women?
What Causes Hair Loss in Women: Medical and Other Reasons You Need to Know
What causes hair loss in women? This article provides the answer to this question. Read on to find out.
2018 SHAPE Women's Half-Marathon Draws Thousands Of Women From Around The World
Askale Merachi, an Ethiopian athlete, grabbed the first place during the half marathon organized by SHAPE Magazine and New York Road Runners. The event also honored notable female leaders across multiple industries.
DIY Natural Home Remedies for PMS that Worth Trying
DIY remedies that can be made at home to ease the PMS pain.
Olay Set To Launch New 'Your Best Beautiful' Campaign
As 2014 gets under way, Olay is excited to unveil 'Your Best Beautiful,' a new campaign from the megabrand designed to empower women. Launching officially on January 13, Olay seeks to target women who want to put their best face forward and embrace the best possible version of themselves every da...
A Perfect Woman? New Survey Reveals Ideas of Female Beauty
With many beauty products promising to prevent and combat everything from acne to wrinkles, it's easy to believe that human beings can come close to physical perfection. But what about when we pose the question, "Is there a such thing as the perfect woman?"
MAKE UP FOR EVER Launches Foundation Campaign for Women
For those ladies who have trouble matching foundation to their skin tone, MAKE UP FOR EVER is launching a nationwide campaign to help women nationwide to solve their biggest foundation problems.
Introducing MAKE, a For-Benefit Cosmetics Brand
Ladies, don't you love when a makeup line is made just for you? Well, MAKE Cosmetics is one that is not only tailor made for beauty gals everywhere, but it also has a conscience.
Penelope Cruz, Sister Monica Agent Provocateur L'Agent Lingerie Line: PHOTOS of Javier Bardem Wife's Sexy Designs
Penelope Cruz and her sister, Monica are spreading their lingerie wings with their new "L'Agent" line for Agent Provocateur available on Net-A-Porter on Thursday.
Lipstick Queen Launches New 'Chinatown' Lip Pencil Shades Collection
For beauty junkies, achieving luscious lips is all in a day's work. The perfect pout is just another daily essential. Meet the next sensation in lip color.
YouTube Beauty Video Post: Dove's 'Camera Shy' Short Film
Fact: females are more likely to be camera shy as adults than as little girls.
Hair Loss Woman Solutions: Alternative Ways to Cover Up Your Hair Loss [VIDEO], Products, Extensions, Sprays, and More
Recently YouTube sensation and Makeup Geek Marlena revealed that she was struggling with hair loss for almost 3 years.
Abercrombie & Fitch, PLUS Model Magazine: Publication Editor-in-Chief Thanks Retailer's CEO, Believes All Women Deserve Gorgeous Fashions
PLUS Model Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Madeline Jones forges ahead with empowering women by thanking controversial Abercrombie & Fitch CEO, Mike Jeffries, for what she says is revealing glimpses of the fashion industry's prejudices.
Getaway 2013: Vacation Packing List, What You Will Need on Your Summer Adventure [VIDEO]
Two skirts, our to five tops, three beach cover ups, 3 pairs of shorts, and three dresses. A few pair of heels and a few flat sandals. Around 5 swimsuits, as far as accessories go, two hats, a belt, and we jest bring as much sunglasses that we can fit.
Miley Cyrus and Mila Kunis Inspired Haircuts For Women in Their 20's: Top Looks You Can Try--PHOTOS
Have you been feeling like you are ready to change up your look a bit? Nothing says change like a new haircut, for women in their twenties sometimes it is difficult to cut your hair because you take the risk of either looking way older than you really are or lets face it juvenile.
Leo DiCaprio skips Oscars for Margot Robbie, bikini-clad women on a yacht. Actor reshoots "The Wolf of Wall Street" scenes
Actor will be taking a hiatus in favor of environmental work in the near future.


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