PLUS Model Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Madeline Jones forges ahead with empowering women by thanking controversial Abercrombie & Fitch CEO, Mike Jeffries, for what she says is revealing glimpses of the fashion industry's prejudices.

Jeffries disparaging and offensive comments about the brand only catering to good-looking people made recent news headlines, and showed some ugly truths that Jones is happy to see out in the open, according to a press release. Her magazine, which was featured in ABC News, Huffington Post and Entertainment Tonight, celebrates women of all sizes as beautiful in contrast to Jeffries' perspective.

"Mr. Jeffries comments and business practices are beyond unreasonable, but what he did was bring to light a prejudice, the 'dirty-little secret' concerning size acceptance that is prevalent with so many fashion industry leaders," she said. 

She added that his comments have opened the door to a "much-needed discussion on a broader scale."  For lighting the way to dialogue, she thanks him and believes that there can now be an "adult and long overdue conversation" with fashion industry professionals.

And Jones has been engaged in this conversation for years.

She underscores all women as gorgoeous in their own right regardless of size or shape, featuring one of today's most breathtaking plus-size models and star of Nuvo TV's "Curvy Girls," Rosie Mercado on the magazine's June cover.

The issue features a lot of great attractions. "This issue promises stunning images and fashion finds featuring some of todays leading plus-size companies who 'get it,' when it comes to styling and designing for the curvy body."

The "all women are gorgeous" message is one that she hopes will hit home for Jeffries, telling the CEO that "plus size women are fashionable, sexy and cool."

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