YouTube Beauty Video Post: Dove's 'Camera Shy' Short Film

Fact: females are more likely to be camera shy as adults than as little girls.

In their new short film, "Camera Shy," Dove exposes an ugly, universal truth: we hide from the camera that we once loved to model in front of as little princesses. The beauty brand believes that we are missing out on life's best moments from weddings to childbirth, shunning the lens when we should be strutting bolding in front of it. Say it ain't so!

It was reported that 77 percent of women are self-conscious and uncomfortable having people snap away at them, said Dove. More than 57 percent admitted that worrying about how they look is has a negative impact on how they feel in front of the camera, and 63 percent have ripped up photos of themselves. Tragic!

Dove, known for their ground-breaking beauty 'real women' campaign, is now encouraging us to embrace confidence and celebrate our own unique beauty. "We know that women are very self-critical when it comes to their looks and that this can have an impact on their self-esteem, confidence and happiness," said Jennifer Bremner, Director of Unilever, the leading supplier of Dove Personal Care products. "This study shows that women, who are our own worst beauty critic, have anxiety that stops them from feeling confident in front of the camera and causes them to miss out on capturing important moments in their lives. We want that to change."

Jess Weiner, Dove's global self-esteem ambassador, has some great tips for helping to turn these shocking stats around. Weiner wants us to "ban the self-bashing and turn on the positive encouragement."  Here, here! 

Lets focus on making memories and not how we look in them. If you agree, drop us a note in the comments section and watch the video below. 


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