MAKE UP FOR EVER Launches Foundation Campaign for Women

For those ladies who have trouble matching foundation to their skin tone, MAKE UP FOR EVER is launching a nationwide campaign to help women nationwide to solve their biggest foundation problems.

The Foundation Nation campaign will feature more than 100 MAKE UP FOR EVER-hosted events at Sephora stores across the U.S. and Canada from Sept. 20 to Oct. 5. Professional makeup artists will be on hand for complementary 15-minute one-on-one foundation lessons, where artists will help clients to diagnose their biggest foundation issues, whether it's picking the right shade to match their skin tone or finding the right tool to help make skin look flawless.

MAKE UP FOR EVER artists will also teach proper foundation application techniques. The popular brand's experts will apply foundation to one-half of the client's face first, followed by the client who will then finish the the other half of their own face in order to learn this essential makeup method. Artists will also match every client to their ideal foundation based on undertones, skin type, desired coverage level and finish during the sessions.

The Foundation Nation campaign was inspired by MAKE UP FOR EVER'S comprehensive study on foundation, the #1 makeup subcategory in the U.S. The study found that 73 percent of women find it challenging to pick the right foundation. Finding just the right shade is most difficult, according to 54 percent of women. And 62 percent have problems applying foundation, while 52 said they don't use a tool during application.

What was also surprising: 72 percent of women don't change their foundation shade from season to season. This fact about keeping the same shade year-round is most shocking, given that skin coloring can change up to four shades at different times of the year, causing a foundation mismatch easily. Ladies, say it ain't so!

"It's clear that there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution to finding foundations," said JP McCary, MAKE UP FOR EVER'S Americas general manager. "We are not surprised that the study identifies shade mismatching as the biggest foundation concern among women...MAKE UP FOR EVER is setting out to teach women how to solve all their foundation concerns by choosing the right formula, the right shade, using the right application technique and the right tool, regardless of the brand they choose to buy."

For those who cannot attend a Sephora event, the brand offers tutorials on solving foundation issues and even offers a complexion quiz. For more information on the Foundation Nation campaign, visit

Heading to Sephora for a foundation consultation with MAKE UP FOR EVER? Found a way to solve your foundation problems? Let us know in the comments section below!        

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