A Perfect Woman? New Survey Reveals Ideas of Female Beauty

With many beauty products promising to prevent and combat everything from acne to wrinkles, it's easy to believe that human beings can come close to physical perfection. But what about when we pose the question, "Is there such a thing as the perfect woman?"

Men have several specific ideas of what the ideal female specimen would look like. But cosmetics and body care retailer, wanted to know what women think about it. The company set out to discover what criteria has to be met to create the "perfect woman." Through a survey, both sexes picked and chose their favorite individual features from celebrities. The company then used their findings to create two mock-ups of female faces: one using the information collected from men and the other from women. To see the sketches, click HERE.

The results were shocking, to say the least. 

The drawings were unlike any real human being, looking rather like creepy and artificial Photoshop pictures. There were several differences between the ladies and gentleman's version of female beauty. The women selected Freida Pinto's natural, flowing brown hair, while the men preferred blonde locks like Shakira's beachy blonde waves. When it came to facial features, ladies like thick eyebrows, whereas men want little noses and big lips.

But the survey did show similarities between both groups. It turns out that men and woman are partial to Mila Kunis' eyes and Megan Fox's chin. Mila has been a favorite among men and women because of her big and beautiful peepers. In fact, the "Friends with Benefits" actress and Ashton Kutcher's girlfriend had topped the and Vivid Entertainment list of celebrities that are most sexually desirable in May. Surprising or shocking? 

If you had to build a women's face and could only use celebrities as a reference, what would the drawing look like? Tell us your thoughts with a note below!   

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