Ladies, don't you love when a makeup line is made just for you? Well, MAKE Cosmetics is one that is not only tailor made for beauty gals everywhere, but it also has a conscience. 

Yup, MAKE is socially conscious makeup, with the brand supporting a good cause. MAKE shares 33.3 percent of its sales with a non profit organization, the We See Beauty Foundationwhich helps women-led, worker-owned cooperative businesses to get up and running, reported The Cut.

Basically, this line is a for-benefit cosmetic offering that goes beyond vanity. Sure, you can use their foundation to cover up dark circles or lipsticks to enhance dry lips, but isn't it even cooler to buy something that supports women?

MAKE is a 220-piece collection made in the U.S. by Mana Products, the superb company where Francois NARS' beloved line also got its start. Beauty junkies can fall in love with MAKE's limited-edition products, which were created in collaboration with several cool artists such as makeup guru, Ayami Nishimura. The line has a host of amazing lip colors, eyeshadows, foundations, bronzer, brushes and more for our do-good beauty pleasures.

Our personal fave is the AM/PM Moisture Cream, a lightweight, oil-free gel cream with manuka honey, cinnamon and arnica extracts to soothe and moisturize skin for $48. The Skin Illuminating Primer, a minerals-based primer with smithsonite, hematite and rhodocrosite extracts creates a radiant complexion and nourishes with Vitamin E. Priced at $34, this primer is supposedly a wonder worker.

The We See Beauty Foundation even has an online GIF tutorial on creating killer looks using their products. How cool is that?

To check out and buy products ranging from the $5 to $42, click HERE. And New Yorkers can also visit Michael Angelo's Wonderland Beauty Parlor for purchases.

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