Paula's Choice
This TikTok-Approved Skincare Brand Is Now on Sephora
Skin-savvy teens and beauty gurus are now obsessing about the wonders of Paula's Choice, and now, it can be easily accessed on Sephora.
5 Top Face Serums That Actually Works Based on Your Skin Type
Know Which Face Serum Works Best for Your Skin Type
We've done some digging and found the three best face serums for every skin type.
How to: Pandemic-Proof Your skin Using 3 Products
How To Pandemic-Proof Your Skin Using 3 Products
There are ways to combat and preserve the skin barriers by using only three elements found in most beauty products.
These Five Beauty Trends are Bidding Goodbye in 2021
These Five Beauty Trends are Bidding Goodbye in 2021
Here is the rundown of beauty trends that are saying sayonara for 2021.
The Good and the Bad of Using Hair Waxing Kits at Home
The Good, Bad and Ugly of Home-Waxing Kits
Everything you need to know about DIY waxing.
Why is Nordic Beauty is the Next Big Thing in Skincare Trend
Nordic Beauty: The Next Big Thing in Skincare
Beauty trends spring everywhere so often. Now, people are delving into Nordic beauty's minimal and natural aesthetics. What is Nordic beauty anyway?
Sofia Grahn
Acne Awareness Month: Top 3 Skin Positive Influencers You Gotta Follow
In a world filled with curated Instagram feeds, we rarely come across skin positive influencers promoting self-love and embracing imperfections.
Kourtney Kardashian
Top 3 LED Therapy Face Masks of All Time Finally Revealed!
With all the various selections on the market, we will give you a rundown of the top three LED therapy masks recommended by celebrities.
The Best Eye Creams to Keep Beauty While Aging
The Best Eye Creams to Keep Beauty While Aging
Looking for the best eye creams to use for women to get beautiful as they grow older? Read on to learn more.
Alicia Keys Is Ready To Launch Her Cruelty-free Skincare Brand This Holiday Season
Alicia Keys Is Ready to Launch Her Cruelty-free Skincare Brand This Holiday Season
Alicia Keys will launch her own beauty brand, which is a cruelty-free skincare product, this holiday season.
Mario Badescu
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018: Skincare Products You Can't Miss
The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is nearing and beauty junkies can expect a lot of great deals with skincare products. Some of the brands going on sale during the event are Mario Badescu, La Mer, Lancome, and Clinique.
Magic Cream
Charlotte Tilbury Launches Travel-Sized Versions Of Her Skincare Products
Charlotte Tilbury's skincare products are getting travel-sized versions and it's perfect for globetrotters out there. This just smashes the hassle of funneling products into smaller containers as well as spillage.
Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton Has A New Full Skincare Line
After makeup and fragrance, Paris Hilton is releasing her skincare line, ProD.N.A. The socialite said that after searching for the best products throughout the years, she has finally decided to create her own quality products.
Jorja Smith
Jorja Smith Reveals How She Gets Ready For Bed
Fans of British singer Jorja Smith will take delight with the news that she shared her routine before she gets to bed. Fortunately, she didn't miss out on the brands and the amount of these she use regularly.
Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon
Moon Juice Taps Into The Skin Care Market With The New Beauty Shroom Line
Moon Juice is going to launch its own skincare line called Beauty Shroom this month. This was after founder Amanda Chantal Bacon noticed changes in her skin and tried several products, after which, she decided to create her own line.
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