Dior New Skincare Line Solar Arrives Just in Time for Summer

(Photo : Dior / Solar)
Summer brings in new skincare products with sun protection from beauty giant Dior.

Dior Solar is the House of Dior's latest skincare and sun protection line, designed to offer effective sun protection and a sensory experience. The range includes various products, from sunscreens to after-sun balms and self-tanners, ensuring year-round skincare.

There are several products in the Dior Solar line, each catering to different skincare needs.

Dior Solar The Protective Creme SPF 30

This high-protection sunscreen for the face has a fresh and pleasant texture. It protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays and external stressors, enhancing its beauty with a satiny glow. The formula includes monoi extract with Kau Pe flower, omega-6, and omega-9 for added comfort and hydration.

Dior Solar The Sublimating Oil

The Sublimating Oil is a sparkling dry oil, specially formulated to be used from top to toe. It provides a radiant glow with its pearly texture and a pleasant monoi fragrance for your hair, face, and body. Formulated with 95% natural-origin ingredients, this oil hydrates and beautifies the skin and hair all year round.

Dior Solar The Self-Tanning Gel

The Self-Tanning Gel offers a natural, even tan with a gradual, buildable effect. Composed of 90% natural-origin ingredients, it enhances the skin with a luminous, satiny glow. The gel's formula includes DHA for tanning and AHA lactic acid to improve skin quality.

Dior Solar The After-Sun Balm

This hydrating and refreshing balm soothes the skin after sun exposure. Made with 94% natural-origin ingredients, it provides intense hydration and a fresh sensation, complemented by a pleasant monoi fragrance. The balm leaves the skin feeling soothed and with a satiny glow.

Dior Solar The Protective Milk for Face and Body SPF 30

This high-protection sunscreen milk offers broad-spectrum protection for both the face and body. It combines sun filters with a formula rich in monoi extract, omega-6, and omega-9, ensuring hydrated and beautiful skin.

Dior Solar The Protective Face and Body Oil SPF 15

This sunscreen oil provides medium protection and is perfect for those who prefer a lighter sunscreen. It combines effective sun filters with a luxurious formula that leaves the skin soft and radiant.


Dior Solar's new skincare line is perfect for summer, offering a variety of products to keep your skin protected and enhanced. From high-protection sunscreens to luxurious oils and soothing after-sun balms, Dior Solar ensures your skin enjoys the best the sun has to offer.