Kitchen Cabinet Skin Care: DIY Facials and Exfoliators
Did you know that you can brighten, tighten and exfoliate your face with food? A recent news story featuring items likely to be in your kitchen right now, showed just how effective food can be for your skin. Click through the slideshow to check out each beauty entree. No need to splurge when look...
Discover the Power of Aloe with The Aloe Source
OK, so we all know how great aloe is for nicks and scrapes and we often hear about products that are infused with it, but just what makes aloe so great? Known as the "wonder plant," aloe vera has been used for centuries. Considered the "plant of immortality" by ancient Egyptians, aloe packs a pow...
Editor's Picks: Kim West Shares Her Faves
Top of the week to ya Beauty World Newsers! I've been to back-to-back beauty events lately, so I'll have a slew of new picks to share over the next few weeks! Right now, I'm all about giving great face. It's all in the details ladies, so check out my latest trio of recommendations as fabulous additi...
Clinique Introduces Fall 2013 Collection
Clinique has a ton of skinsensational products for Fall 2013! Click through the above slideshow for the new items that are on beauty shelves now.
New York Fashion Week: Skin Care Secrets of the Front Row
Fashion Week has officially wrapped, allowing every designer, model, editor, blogger, makeup and hairstylist to breathe a sigh of relief. The pressure for perfection can be quite daunting, even if only for a few days. But just how do they do it? No, not the models, the ladies in the front row! Flawl...
GlyTerra Skin Cream Becomes Hit During New York Fashion Week
Fashion has a new hot accessory that many models and designer divas are loving! We hear GlyTerra gL Anti-Aging System won over many fans at this year's New York Fashion Week from Sept. 5 through 12.
6 Virtually Unknown Ways To Use Botox
OK, so we've done a few stories on Botox and anti-aging procedures before, but this was definitely news to us. If you think the buck for Botox stops at fine lines and wrinkles, think again. Do you suffer from FOMO courtesy of an overactive bladder? Accidently summon the no-so-hot guy thanks to a...
The End of Cellulite is Here: Meet Bio Elixia BodyShaper Cellulite Contour Crème
It's the bane of beauty perfection for women everywhere. That unsightly skin that even the most religious gym regimen sometimes can't fix. It's what stands in between you and short shorts, a bikini cover up, and what makes you wish you could send your birthday suit to the cleaners for some tailoring...
Zits, Pimples, Acne: Top 3 Tips to Help Deal With a "Spotty" Situation
Remember how traumatizing it was to get a "zit " in high school? Of course, a teenager is almost expected to get pimples. But, past the often-awkward phase of pre-adulthood, a breakout becomes flat out mortifying. Well, grownup sufferers aren't alone. Did you know 1 out of every 9 people between the...
Labor Day 2013: It Works! Global Shares Six Tips For Looking Your Best
Beauty junkies, summer isn't over yet! There's still one last hurrah on the way this Labor Day weekend, so shouldn't you look and feel your best?
Kate Bosworth Makes SK-II Skincare Debut [WATCH NOW]
Kate Bosworth has teamed up with SK-II for one awesome, nearly flawess collabo! Yes, the blonde bombshell is bringing her beauty to one of our fave skincare brands.
Avoid Streaks & Orange Skin: Learn How to Beat a Bad Tan
Did a bad-tanning experience leave you feeling more like a Fuzzy Navel than a Cosmopolitan? Not to worry, all tans fade, although time and patience is required. Here are a few ways to speed up the process courtesy of board certified surgeon Dr.Vish Banthia, founder of ZendyBeauty, innovative money s...
Tata Harper Introduces a Trio of 'Supernatural' Anti-Aging Serums
Beauty World Newsers, we got a trio of fab finds for you. Tata Harper, the award-winning skincare brand that Allure and Marie Claire mags rave about all the time, has three new natural serums that are all the rage!
Get Beautifully Bronzed Self- Tanning Tips From L'Oreal Sublime Bronze
Just in time for the dog days of summer, when the steamy season turns up the heat and you're in need of a tan that's hotter than hot, L'Oreal has a few tanning tips up their sleeve, courtesy of their Sublime Bronze Collection. Check out the cool self-tanner demo video from L'Oreal below for a step-b...
Beauty's Secret Ingredient: Neem
Ever turn a product around to read the back label list and stumble upon an ingredient you've never heard of? We've all been there. Luckily our newest resident beauty guru has that part covered for us all. Kristyana Pham, founder & director of natural beauty products firm, kindsight, is your go-to ga...
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